UI/UX designers

Hire best-in-class UI/UX designers to create amazing digital experiences

Our clients love our quality and work ethics

UI/UX designers

Hire best-in-class UI/UX designers to create amazing digital experiences

Our clients love our quality and work ethics

Trusted by leading enterprises and startups

Great designs help
you reach your
business goals

Great designs help you reach your business goals

UI/UX is all about crafting digital experiences that are intuitive, engaging and deliver measurable results. At 10Pearls, we have a dedicated team of UI and UX designers who are fiercely passionate about beautiful designs and responsive experiences, highly-trained, and are fully committed to provide designs that delight the customer, and achieves significant ROI.

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We Curate the Right Team

After thoroughly examining our client requirements and vision, we on-board the UI/UX designer(s) just right for them, taking into consideration:

Industry fit

We ensure the UI and UX designer understands the client’s industry and its complexities, so that they can design experiences that resonate with the target market.

Specialty skill-set

Every UI/UX designer has their own specialty, be it User Research, Workflow/Functional Design, Visual Design or Content Strategy; we make sure that the right and required skills are always on the table.

Research-driven approach

All our designers are data and research-driven, and make sure that every UX/UI deliverable is based on positive user feedback.

our UI/UX

our ui/ux services

From user research and competitive analysis to interactive prototypes and product design, we offer complete UI/UX services. We help companies achieve quantifiable business goals through experiences that captivate the customer and set them apart from the competition.


Effective design manifests from data and insights. We make sure to learn about your goals, understand your business, empathize with your users, explore your competition, and the problems or opportunities you are seeking to address. Our Research services include Customer Research, Competitive Review, User Research, Market Research, Usability analyses etc.


We construct and execute roadmaps to success that are driven by user and market research, and our in-depth experience. Our Strategy deliverables include Product Ideation, Use Case Development, Current State Assessment, Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Experience Management, and Branding and Positioning.

Experience Design

Our team of designers combine their design and business skills, with your industry expertise to create simple and memorable experiences for your customers. We offer Digital Product Design, Conversational Interfaces, Responsive Design, Prototyping, and Storytelling and Content Creation.

Data & Analytics

Big data is nothing without thorough analysis. Our data team works with your unique goals and needs, making it easy to provide actionable insights. We offer Data Visualization, Data Strategy, Real-time Social Analysis, Sentiments and Mentions Analysis, Campaign Metrics, Social segmentation etc.


Based on strong communication, collaboration and transparency, our flexible and agile process ensures projects are developed and executed without any obstacles. From mobile to enterprise-scale apps, our work is always reliable, flexible, and scalable.

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10Pearls is an award-winning digital development company, helping business with product design, development and technology acceleration

Double – Bottom Lined Co Profits & Social Good

Our CEO and Founder awarded EY Entrepreneur of Year

Digital Experience & Enterprise Mobile Partner

Top Developer DC & Baltimore Metro Area

Recognized as ML/ AI Technology Partner

Digital Experience & Enterprise Mobile Partner

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We offer the right solution for every stage, level and type of project. Trusted by top brands, our mobile application team delivers the best solution every single time

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