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The rapid confluence of technical infrastructure, biotechnology and recent research, with complex medical challenges has accelerated the need to modernize and digitalize healthcare, and move towards healthcare solutions that support collaboration, data protection, and emerging tech, while delivering personalized and future-ready healthcare experiences.

Our healthtech software consulting and healthcare software development services have empowered both private and public entities to provide better patient care and experience, improve workforce productivity, and thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare ecosystem.

Services We Offer

Patient Engagement

With rising patient expectations and challenges, organizations that focus on meaningful, tailored patient experiences are the ones that will lead. At 10Pearls, our healthtech consultants help companies & providers navigate challenges and provide them with solutions for successful EHR/EMR development. We help companies deliver personalized patient experiences from online patient registration to online visits, appointment management, post-visit feedback, and maintenance of medical records.

Our patient management services include:


Patient Portals

Customized web-based patient portals for a coordinated patient communication framework. These portals can connect with multiple Electronic Health Records (EHR) software and Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) systems simultaneously, ensuring a seamless overall patient journey.

Wearable Devices

Our healthtech consultants enable providers to leverage emerging technologies like IoT to drive more accurate and reliable patient monitoring and drug management.

Caregivers' Engagement Apps

The healthcare software consulting experts at 10Pearls help providers integrate custom caregivers’ engagement apps that streamline processes like scheduling appointments, monitoring patients’ health and medications, and ensuring medical adherence.

EMR/EHR Software Development

As a leading healthtech solutions provider, we offer custom EMR/EHR development services to help healthcare organizations maximize clinical productivity and enhance the quality of patient care.

Operational Transformation

Our healthtech consultants create effective implementation strategies and provide cutting-edge solutions, allowing companies to transform healthcare operations to ensure that their software, products, and devices adhere to healthcare standards such as FDA, HL7, HIPAA, and DICOM. Taking an agile approach, we help businesses transform health services and improve their operations and ecosystem.

Capabilities and solutions include:

Data Collection and Analytics

We collect, collate, and analyze data from smart devices, mobile apps, hospital information management systems, CRMs, and other healthcare software. This information is converted into healthcare solutions that provide visual insights for better inpatient monitoring, workforce management, and making informed strategic decisions.

Telemedicine Apps and Solutions

Our healthtech consultants equip providers with end-to-end telemedicine and telehealth solutions that help facilitate patients and medical professionals with contactless communication, treatments, and follow-ups.

Blockchain-based Software

As a forward-thinking healthcare software consulting services provider, we help companies secure millions of health records on private cloud by delivering enterprising blockchain-based healthcare solutions. This includes financial transactions and data exchange between healthcare administrations and patients generated by IoT and other smart devices.

AR/VR Medical Software

Our Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality healthcare apps and solutions allow healthcare professionals and medical students to interact and leverage simulated environments. From VR solutions that provide medical and anatomy education, simulative surgery trainings, to AR apps that recognize facial features, gestures, and objects, augment images, and map contextual data, Mixed Reality healthcare solutions indeed have unlimited possibilities.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-enabled Software

We integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence in healthcare applications that help hospital admins enhance customer service, analyze health records, extract value from large data amounts, and improve patient treatment. With AI and ML apps and solutions, medical professionals can collect more data from devices, perform data training, provide real-time ML-based prediction and analyses, and help accelerate disease detection and treatment.

Healthcare Security

Data is at the heart of healthcare – sensitive personal data, medical research, and financial data – and its security is a business imperative. We combine our deep understanding of healthcare data analytics, ecosystems, workflows, regulations, and stakeholders with proactive and focused cyber security intelligence to help healthcare players improve healthcare data security and cyber resilience.

Our capabilities include:

Secure Migration to Cloud

We ensure to build security from the ground up when helping organizations drive successful healthcare cloud migration.

Digital Identity and Privacy

Our healthtech consultants create ingenious strategies to help streamline identity and access management across multiple integrations and protect patient and member data across the enterprise.

Internet of Medical Things Security

We make sure to secure tech medical devices by managing and mitigating risk from pre-procurement to decommissioning. Our security professionals ensure foolproof detection, defense and recovery against advanced cyber adversaries.

Integration and Interoperability

The rapidly growing healthcare demands and ecosystems have accelerated the need to develop multiple health and medical software systems. The challenge is that these systems are usually disparate and do not function well together, which often results in manual management, ultimately creating inefficiencies instead of eliminating them.

Provider Integration and Interoperability in healthcare software development refers to timely and secure access, integration, and use of electronic health data between multiple systems so that it can be used to optimize health outcomes for patients, medical professionals, and healthcare institutions.

Our Integration and Interoperability solutions ensure:


Strategy and Development

We conduct comprehensive interoperability maturity assessment with prioritized use cases and capabilities in order to develop an execution roadmap while moving toward digital transformation.

API Management

To ensure smooth integration and interoperability between multiple healthcare software systems, our healthcare software development experts make sure to support RESTful FHIR APIs, app registration, authorization, and authentication, as well as API throttling, endpoint security, and bulk data import/export.

Healthcare Compliance

We help healthcare organizations achieve and maintain compliance with CMS, NHS or any other regulations, security standards such as FDA, HL7, HIPAA, and compliance with any other latest healthcare requirements.

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