Software Development & Consulting Services

Our software development and consulting services help customers build innovative products, modernize and digitalize existing business processes, and augment teams with high-performance members.

Our software development and consulting services 



Designing new digital products that combine customer experience, market opportunity, and emerging technology.



Re-architecting legacy technology to be faster, more scalable, safer, and more user-friendly.



Building intelligent digital solutions that automate manual and inefficient processes.

Staff Augmentation

Empowering your team with the technical talent and skills needed to accelerate development and build high-quality digital products.

Advantages of

10Pearls helps startups and enterprises compete in the digital age. We partner with our clients to imagine, design, build, and deliver innovative digital products.

10Pearls is renowned for its extensive software development and consulting services. Using creative technology applications, 10Pearls delivers advice and solutions that address the unique and evolving needs of enterprises around the world.

We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other innovations to help you build powerful software solutions. 10Pearls can modernize your legacy platform with cutting-edge technology or build an industry-leading solution from scratch.

FAQs about software development and consulting 

The price differences between software development and consulting with offshore, onshore, and nearshore teams primarily hinge on labor costs and economic conditions. Offshore teams offer the lowest rates due to lower living costs and salaries but may face challenges like time zone differences and potential cultural and language barriers. Onshore teams, located within the same country as the client, are the most expensive due to higher wages and operational costs but provide ease of communication and cultural alignment. Situated in nearby countries with similar time zones, nearshore teams offer a middle ground in terms of cost, blending the affordability of offshore teams with the convenience and cultural proximity of onshore teams.

Our skilled and diverse talent pool lets us develop custom software using whichever languages, platforms, and frameworks will deliver the best product. If you’re satisfied with your existing technologies, we’ll leverage your chosen platforms and compatible tools to ensure seamless integrations, preventing costly and unnecessary upgrades. We also offer technology modernization services to integrate your current solutions with your new custom software.

We offer a streamlined engagement process facilitated by our global staff of tech talent with expertise in all the major software development platforms, frameworks, languages, and technologies. We start with a discovery call to learn all about your business and the project to ensure our services are the best fit for your budget, technical requirements, and delivery schedule. Followed by a detailed project roadmap, selecting the best team members for each role, and implementing the necessary collaboration tools and software development technologies. Your team hits the ground running, using agile development practices to accelerate delivery and maintain cost efficiency, ensuring transparent communication at every step of the way.