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Technology is reshaping education by revolutionizing how information is accessed, facilitating personalized learning experiences, and fostering global connectivity among learners and educators alike. From augmented and virtual reality to artificial intelligence, each emerging technology is poised to transform educational paradigms. 10Pearls aids enterprises in enhancing learning experiences and academic achievements via an innovative, collaborative educational ecosystem. 

Services We Offer

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Collaborative, self-paced learning solutions are the need of the hour. We empower forward-thinking educational institutions to reach students across various channels and integrate innovative learning methods transforming learning.

Intelligent e-learning platforms

We develop e-learning solutions incorporating AI tutoring, empowering every student to embark on personalized educational journeys with self-paced learning options. Our platforms feature seamless progress tracking, customized reporting dashboards, and interactive e-learning content accessibility.

Platform Integration

Our forward-looking teams leverage cutting-edge technologies to enrich learning experiences and elevate academic achievements. By integrating customized, feature-rich e-learning platforms, we optimize academic outcomes, streamline operations, and foster a collaborative learning environment.

Learning Analytics and Reporting

We transform extensive learning data into visually intuitive, actionable insights for all stakeholders and develop analytics tools to monitor learner progress, engagement, and performance.

Educational Content Creation and Delivery

We create digital educational content, including interactive multimedia resources, e-books, videos, and online courses. They develop platforms and tools for content creation, delivery, and distribution, making educational resources more accessible and engaging for learners.

Content Management System (CMS)

We facilitate custom content creation by providing intuitive content management tools, robust templates, and seamless integration capabilities within our CMS platform. Our customized CMS solutions manage authoring, storage, publishing, and content analytics and streamline content creation.

Virtual Classroom Solutions

We specialize in designing and developing robust virtual classroom platforms and software tailored to facilitate engaging live online learning sessions, lectures, and interactive discussions.

Mobile Learning (m-Learning) App Development

We specialize in the design and development of mobile applications offering intuitive interfaces, interactive content, and offline access, ensuring seamless learning opportunities that align with modern learners' needs and preferences.

Emerging Tech Experiences

We revolutionize learning for tech-forward institutions by designing and developing immersive mixed-reality and 3D simulation solutions. Our solutions allow students to grasp complex concepts in an engaging manner.

AR/VR Content Creation

We specialize in creating immersive e-learning solutions utilizing AR/VR and customized multi-dimensional technologies into educational content to provide immersive and interactive learning experiences.


With extensive expertise, we craft interconnected metaverse and 3D layer solutions, transforming learning and student experiences. Our teams utilize innovative technologies to create visually captivating 3D simulations, immersing students in virtual learning environments.


At 10Pearls, we specialize in developing educational games to infuse enjoyment into learning experiences. Incorporating gamification elements into learning platforms serves to elevate learner engagement and enhance motivation.

Artificial Intelligence

We specialize in the development and deployment of AI technologies to tailor learning experiences, streamline assessment and feedback processes, identify opportunities for growth, and promote universal access to high-quality education.

Personalized Recommendations

We leverage AI/ML algorithms to monitor student interests, activities, and performance metrics. This enables educators to offer tailored educational content, course suggestions, and career advancement opportunities.

Virtual Assistants

Offer round-the-clock support to students through our bespoke AI chatbots and virtual assistants. These intelligent systems address inquiries on admissions, enrollment, schedules, and more, delivering tailored assistance.

Assessment and Testing Tools

We specialize in the creation of AI driven assessment and testing tools designed to conduct quizzes, exams, and evaluations within online or virtual learning environments.

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