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Our experienced QA practitioners and seasoned test engineers collaborate with your team to enhance performance, eliminate defects, and expedite time-to-market. Trusted by businesses worldwide, we specialize in testing, managing, and enhancing their critical digital products and systems.

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Our QA services enable businesses to accelerate time-to-market, minimize development costs, and enhance delivery processes. By utilizing robust testing frameworks and automation, we ensure that your software products are launched efficiently while maintaining the highest quality and performance standards.

Whether you require manual testing, automation, or in-depth code review, we offer comprehensive managed testing solutions. Our dedicated QA teams are committed to providing you with end-to-end test coverage and ensuring the delivery of robust software solutions.

Services We Offer

QA Consultancy

We provide guidance on test strategy, planning, automation requirements, team structure, skill development, and other aspects to fortify quality processes and enhance outcomes. Our quality assurance consultants specialize in optimizing testing processes, minimizing test debt, and expediting delivery. They thoroughly analyze your development lifecycle, timeline, resources, and specific needs to provide QA solutions.

QA Strategy Audit

Even well-established QA practices require periodic review. Our QA experts and auditors objectively assess your current quality assurance strategies and frameworks. By thoroughly reviewing and analyzing documentation, we evaluate various aspects of your testing strategy, such as workflow gaps, test coverage, reporting, team skills, automation requirements, specifications, and more. Following the audit, we furnish you with a detailed validation report outlining test coverage, detected defects, and overall alignment with specifications.

Process Optimization and Best Practices

Our testing approach focuses on ensuring compliance with defined functional requirements. Our QA engineers meticulously analyze software documentation to create comprehensive test scenarios and scripts. These are rigorously executed, with any identified defects meticulously recorded. Additionally, we conduct thorough assessments to verify functionality, user experience, accessibility, visual design, and other aspects for compliance with specifications. Using our findings, we offer expert recommendations to enhance and optimize your QA processes and practices.

Functional Testing

To remain competitive, companies constantly strive to launch cutting-edge features. However, even with a feature-rich application, customers may uninstall it if it fails to meet performance expectations due to sluggish or faulty user experience. At 10Pearls, we rigorously test applications to ensure optimal functionality.

API Testing

API integration is a critical process that can significantly impact the overall user experience of a modern application. Our seasoned test practitioners conduct thorough API testing to ensure seamless functionality and integration across your systems. Following the application's specifications, we meticulously test API security, load capabilities, error handling, and other essential aspects. As your trusted software testing partner, we ensure that your APIs seamlessly exchange data between system components.

Test Automation

Although manual testing remains a crucial aspect of the software testing cycle, executing it for every test can impede the testing process and lead to redundancy. Our test automation solutions expedite execution by utilizing scripted tests that dynamically adjust as your application progresses. We develop automated frameworks that seamlessly integrate with your CI/CD pipeline, ensuring smooth recurring test execution. We facilitate uninterrupted, automated software testing by expanding exponential coverage and liberating essential QA resources.

Application Testing

We specialize in launching applications that provide optimal and responsive user experience by utilizing our proprietary application testing methodology. Our QA engineers thoroughly evaluate and validate all components — web, mobile, or desktop applications—to ensure smooth operation under real-world conditions. Tailoring our approach to your specific requirements, we develop comprehensive test cases covering unit testing, integration testing, UI/UX validation, accessibility compliance, and more. Our goal is to uncover flaws that conventional software testing methods may overlook.

Non-Functional Testing

Our expertise in non-functional testing enables us to validate various aspects of your application beyond its core functionality. We thoroughly assess critical features, the application’s behavior, and quality attributes that directly influence user satisfaction.

Performance & Load Testing

Performance is a crucial quality attribute that can significantly impact your application's success. Our performance and load testing solutions are designed to simulate real-world user loads, ensuring that your software delivers a responsive user experience even under heavy usage. Using techniques such as stress testing, spike testing, and load generation, we monitor end-user response times, identify bottlenecks, and measure throughputs. Based on the performance insights gathered, to enhance speed and optimize infrastructure investments.

Security & Penetration Testing

We safeguard your valuable digital assets against potential security breaches and attacks by implementing proven security and penetration testing solutions. Our cybersecurity specialists identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, ensuring the protection of your customer data. Through comprehensive testing, we meticulously examine your applications for vulnerabilities such as broken authentication, sensitive data exposure, and injection attacks. Utilizing these findings, we address vulnerabilities and ensure comprehensive protection for your digital ecosystem.

Reliability, Usability & Scalability Testing

We excel in providing comprehensive testing solutions that ensure the reliability, usability, and scalability of your digital products. We conduct rigorous usability testing to ensure intuitive and seamless user experiences, enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, our scalability testing capabilities enable us to evaluate the performance of your applications under increasing workloads, ensuring they can accommodate growth and meet user demands without compromising performance. Delivering testing solutions that elevate the quality and performance of your digital products.

Self-Healing Test Automation

This innovative framework leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to autonomously identify and adapt to changes within your applications.

By monitoring application modifications in real-time, it predicts potential test failures and proactively updates test scripts, reducing the need for manual intervention. Automatically identify and rectify test script failures, ensuring more robust and consistent testing results.

Codeless Automation

The self-healing test automation framework employs advanced algorithms and techniques to automatically detect and resolve issues encountered during the execution of automation scripts. This capability significantly reduces testers’ burden of manually intervening and troubleshooting failures, thus streamlining the testing process.

Cross-Browser Compatible

The automation framework facilitates the execution of tests across various web browsers, ensuring that the application functions consistently and accurately regardless of the browser. This capability is crucial in today's diverse web ecosystem, where users access applications from a multitude of browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and others.

3rd Party Integrations

The framework offers seamless connections with widely used test management tools and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. By doing so, it optimizes and simplifies the testing phase within the broader context of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Reporting & Analytics

The self-healing test automation framework provides detailed test reports and analytics, offering insights into test results and helping teams efficiently identify and address issues.

Our Agile QA Process

We provide guidance on test strategy, planning, automation requirements, team structure, skill development, and other aspects to fortify quality processes and enhance outcomes. Our quality assurance consultants specialize in optimizing testing processes, minimizing test debt, and expediting delivery. They thoroughly analyze your development lifecycle, timeline, resources, and specific needs to provide QA solutions.

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Keep your systems secure and protect your customers’ information without sacrificing usability.

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