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Adapt to evolving telecom complexity and dynamic consumer demands by pursuing key opportunities for innovation-driven digital transformation. Build differential telecom solutions that resonate with consumers and position yourself as a global, tech-forward telecom leader.

Telecom companies aiming for successful digital transformation must cope with the complexities and challenges of modernizing their legacy systems and capabilities while prioritizing business agility. At 10Pearls, we empower business leaders to effectively harness evolving technologies and keep up with the competition, dynamic consumer demands, and regulatory compliance requirements.

Services We Offer

Order-to-Cash Orchestration

As telecom companies scale, enabling complex service offerings across multiple business units, systems, and territories becomes extremely difficult. Business leaders need a reliable partner to enhance customer delivery processes while overcoming challenges regarding complex catalogues. 10Pearls offers a bespoke solution to orchestrate order-to-cash workflows swiftly.

End-to-End Orchestration

10Pearls delivers end-to-end orchestration, streamlining key business processes for telecom enterprises. Our comprehensive solution automates the structured processing of all solution and contract types, from initial order capture to successful onboarding and billing process completion.

Managing Scale & Complexity

We map all product and contractual complexities and rules, ensuring relevant data gets collected, validated, and routed to the right teams and organizations regardless of their location, enabling flawless, scalable order orchestration.

Enabling Self-Service

Customers can easily place orders/requests, track status, and resolve queries via our intelligent self-service portal, which provides exceptional user experience while lowering the need for manual effort. 

Revenue & Leakage Management

Revenue leakage and frauds pose a significant profitability risk for telecom carriers, plaguing their cash flows and diverting their valuable resources into recovery efforts. Our telecom consultants and developers work closely with your teams to significantly enhance revenue management and prevent leakage by leveraging advanced analytics and intelligent automation.

Accelerate Manual Processes

10Pearls swiftly accelerates manual efforts around revenue assurance, leakage management, and usage auditing by providing users with a comprehensive, intuitive control framework to capture and manage leakage issues and risks seamlessly.

Real-time Dashboards

We deliver insight-driven dashboards that allow users to view leakages for each region. Our revenue leakage solution provides extensive, tailored visibility into key financial KPIs, enabling telecom companies to have more control over their business outcomes, enhance compliance, and view risk assessment reports at every level.

Wide Integration

Our integration solution allows for the configuration of connections across different systems. We drive end-to-end visibility and feedback by enabling users to automatically create and sync issues, realizing seamless issue logging and management.

Media Supply Chain Management

Our Media Supply Chain Management solutions are designed to streamline and optimize every stage of content delivery, from content producers to end-users. 10Pearls’ pre-built solutions ensure seamless handling of content ingestion, guaranteeing you a smooth and organized workflow. With robust quality control mechanisms in place, we ensure that the content meets the highest standards before moving on to transcoding. Our advanced transcoding capabilities facilitate seamless content transformation, paving the way for flawless distribution across your network whilst improving revenue opportunities from content catalogues and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive End-to-End Management

Our solutions offer a holistic approach, managing your entire media supply chain end-to-end. From content creation to distribution & packaging, on towards network and media outlets, we ensure you experience a comprehensive and integrated workflow tailored just for you.

Efficient Content Ingestion

We ensure content quality with robust quality control mechanisms in our solutions, setting the stage for you to have seamless transcoding and distribution in your content ingestion process.

Seamless Content Distribution

We leverage advanced transcoding capabilities for smooth content transformation within the supply chain. Our solutions guarantee flawless distribution, empowering you to deliver high-quality content across your networks efficiently while providing operational efficiency and tangible cost savings.

Business Process Orchestration

Our experts integrate tailored, AI-first subsystems under a single orchestration layer that spans across sales, support, and delivery, providing clients with complete visibility into processes. Our solutions link your systems in record time and craft smart, automated workflows to handle repetitive business tasks effortlessly.

Fast-tracked Business Scaling

Designed to accelerate your business growth, our solutions automate decision-making, trim administrative time, streamline workflows, while freeing up valuable hours for high-impact tasks within your organization.

Valuable Data Insights & Analytics

We deliver data management solutions across diverse departments, cultivating a versatile and abstracted data perspective, providing authentic insights to your business needs.

Deployment Flexibility

Our business process orchestration solution responds dynamically and flexibly to different conditions allowing for deployment to take place in a fluid manner across disparate applications and departments.

Business Performance Monitoring

In the dynamic landscape of business, where vast amounts of data are generated daily, 10Pearls offers a comprehensive Business Performance Monitoring solution to our customers to harness and understand this wealth of information. We specialize in uncovering actionable insights from your data, allowing you to assess team strengths, analyze weaknesses against KPIs, and gain a profound understanding of your business processes. Our business analytics go beyond mere data representation, providing powerful insights into complex systems and ensuring that managers stay well-informed about both internal and external factors.

Custom Dashboards for Insights & Analytics

We offer custom solutions to tailor dashboards according to your unique business needs, prioritizing datasets for optimal insights into individual business circumstances. Now, you can comprehensively understand your global team performances, pinpointing moments and reasons behind shifts in performance levels.

Real-time & Live Insights

Our solution offers real-time snapshots of your business processes, providing instantaneous visibility into ongoing operations, enabling you to promptly address challenges, optimize performance, and ensure that your business runs smoothly without delays or setbacks.

In-depth Key Data Analysis

Our solutions encapsulate out-of-the-box dashboards designed to provide users with a comprehensive and intuitive overview of essential metrics and insights, ensuring that your businesses can quickly access and interpret critical information without the need for extensive customization while streamlining user experience.

Low-Code Integration Layer

Our low-code integration solution connects to any system via API, allowing developers to automate tasks between separate applications, swiftly creating cohesive workflows.

API and Event Stream

We boost productivity by seamlessly automating tasks, initiating services, and orchestrating events. Our team intelligently applies logic and rules throughout the automation process to ensure flawless outcomes.

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