Our Commitment to Championing Women's Causes and Empowerment

Cultivating an inclusive community through empowerment,
and driving positive social transformation. 

Our Commitment to Championing Women's Causes and Empowerment

Cultivating an inclusive community through empowerment, and driving positive social transformation. 

Determined to Make a Brighter
Future for Women

Determined to Make a Brighter
Future for Women

At 10Pearls, we show unwavering commitment to work towards our vision for equality. We are proactively advancing gender equality, dedicatedly working towards empowering women to thrive in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), as well as empowering underprivileged women to climb the social ladder through various opportunities.

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of the global workforce at 10Pearls are women
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new hires are women
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women at 10Pearls hold leadership positions across all locations
underprivileged women have become financially empowered through vocational trainings
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increase in employability rate of the women trained by us
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girls enter STEM fields through 10P-endorsed programs

Perspectives that Drive Change

  • Basking in the Spotlight

  • Working Moms Achieve their Dreams

  • Helping Women at the Grassroots

  • Purpose-driven Growth by Joining Forces

Our Programs and Initiatives

Our Programs and Initiatives

Fostering Growth through Women-centric Events ​

Women-centric events bring together unique resources and opportunities for women. Women Tech Quest, a tech competition launched in 2017, is one such event by 10Pearls. It has launched or accelerated careers of 5000+ women till now. Women get the chance to compete with the best minds in tech, network with likeminded women, build their CV, enjoy the spotlight, and learn from successful professional women.

Our Women In Tech Initiative across LATAM

Our inaugural Latin America (LATAM) edition of Women In Tech is a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to diversity and women empowerment. Launched in Costa Rica, this initiative underscores our dedication to fostering diversity in the tech industry, empowering women to lead innovation and explore careers in STEM fields. The event featured a series of insights by accomplished speakers and aspiring women in tech and science – providing a valuable platform for students and industry professionals a platform to connect, inspire, and learn. Our goal is to extend the reach of 10Pearls LATAM Women In Tech initiative to other parts of the region.

Stay tuned for access to 10Pearls University Spanish Edition to grow and learn with 10Pearls from anywhere and anytime continuously.

Strengthening the Ecosystem through Partnerships

As an industry leader, we support and guide niche communities and non-profits working for the benefit of women in tech. We regularly partner with communities like Women in Computing, Circle for Women, WomeninTechPK, and support initiatives such as Code Girls, Tech Karo etc to create an ecosystem that helps women enter and thrive in their tech careers.

Providing a Supportive and Inclusive Workplace

10Pearls has one of the highest retention rates for women due to its inclusive workspace, enabling women to grow in their career without compromising family responsibilities. The pioneers in providing daycare facilities in the tech industry, this benefit has now been expanded across offices in all cities. With our custom-built daycares, toddler learning hub, well-being centers, and support groups, 10Pearls is fast emerging as the most sought-after workplace for women in tech. 

Adopting Flexible and Employee-Centered Policies

All our team members have access to flexible work arrangements, including the option for telecommuting, in order to achieve a balanced work-life equilibrium. In particular, we are committed to promoting gender equality through our women-focused policies, including generous paid maternity and paternity leave with extended options, comprehensive maternity medical coverage, flexible work hours and remote work opportunities, and a culture that prioritizes support and inclusiveness.

Empowering the Impoverished

Empowering women at the grassroot levels is essential to bring about a change and make a positive global impact. Through initiatives like our tailoring training at Zaytun, partnering with women-centric NGOs to provide digital skills to young women, and sponsoring the education of girls, we are committed to help underprivileged women overcome barriers, and change their lives for better.

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Helping Women Rise and Thrive

Helping Women Rise and Thrive

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