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We deliver robust and secure iot solutions to enterprises and startups. Through our iot services, we help organizations solve their business challenges and tap into new revenue streams via iot technology.

Services We Offer

IoT Consulting

Whether you have just embarked on your IoT journey or are an experienced player, our IoT consultants will help you make the best of new opportunities and set them in tune with your business strategy.


IoT Project Management

We collaborate and coordinate to tweak IoT project management, facilitate collaboration between stakeholders, help fill the gap in IoT-specific technical knowledge of client’s team, and take on any other part of implementation desired from our clients

IoT Development

With almost 20 years in technology, and 5-plus years in IoT, we excel in full-cycle IoT development. Our delivery life cycle includes

Design & Development

We develop IoT applications based on an iterative approach and launch an MVP or a first application version with a lean set of high-priority features within a few months.


We design and implement APIs to allow reliable IoT integration into a software product. For enterprises, we ensure that the developed IoT application seamlessly integrates with relevant external systems, such as ERPs, CRMs and others.


Security is never an afterthought for us. We incorporate it as early as the application design phase and conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for all major releases.

IoT Analytics

We provide IoT Analytics solutions including business analysis, dashboard design, architecture design and development and quality assurance. We offer IoT Analytics through:

Implementation of IoT Analytics Solutions

For businesses who want to benefit from IoT insights obtained from their own IoT analytics tool, we offer full-cycle IoT analytics solution development, starting from needs, to the solution’s launch, after-launch support and evolution

IoT Analytics as a Service

For businesses who want to benefit from IoT insights but do not want in-house IoT implementation, we offer IoT analytics as a service. Clients get access to a web interface with regular and ad-hoc reports, while we handle the solution’s technical implementation

Optimize inefficient algorithms, resource leaks, and other performance issues, boosting application's speed and resource utilization


Assess code for vulnerabilities and other common risks, verify proper input validation, data sanitization, and secure coding practices


Evaluate code’s load and data volume, ensuring minimal performance degradation or the need for architectural changes

Maintenance & Deployment

Resolve issues code duplication, overly complex logic, and other factors that could hinder future modifications or maintenance

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