10Pearls Labs

Our innovation center where we explore,
experiment and apply emerging technologies
to transform business and society.

10Pearls Labs

Our innovation center where we explore, experiment and apply emerging technologies to transform business and society.

Harnessing the Power of Innovation

We have entered an era where every business is a technology business, and disruption is the new normal. At 10Pearls, our mission is to create positive global impact, lead in innovation, and deliver disruptive solutions for businesses. 10Pearls Labs is a manifestation of this mission, and serves as our R&D hub where breakthrough ideas are incubated, prototyped and delivered.

At 10Pearls Labs we help people and businesses thrive, by making paramount strides with our work on cognitive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, NLP and ML; Extended Reality and Metaverse; and data-powered technologies such as Data Science, Blockchain and NFTs. With our bold perspectives, passion for technology, and drive to innovate, we are shaping the future of business and human experience.

Our Work

NFT Art Gallery

The rise of metaverse and NFTs has heralded a transformative change in the world of art. Combining our passion for design, with our experience of Mixed Reality and Blockchain technologies, our innovators have developed highly-immersive and secure NFT galleries. Users can upload NFT art, manage accounts via MetaMask wallet, purchase and sell NFTs, and explore the infinite possibilities of NFT art and virtual galleries.

Immersive Rooms

Our breakthrough work on VR-based conference rooms empowers organizations to deliver rich and immersive experiences. Our Virtual Reality meeting rooms provides teams with a virtual 3D space to connect, collaborate and work together, even if geographically distributed across locations. Our ambit of work ranges from personalized avatars for a richer interaction, virtual whiteboards for visualizing and brainstorming, collaborative tools such as screen sharing and sticky notes, and leveraging spatial techniques for real-world immersive audio.

Metaverse Marketplaces

A platform for trading digital assets, a metaverse marketplace holds infinite possibilities for brands and enterprises. Our ongoing work on decentralized, tokenized and traversable metaverse marketplaces and metaverse NFT marketplaces, has enabled increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and a wider scope of influence.  


Digital Twins

Digital twins – digital representations of physical objects, systems or processes – have ushered in the future of product development. At 10Pearls Labs, we are working on various digital twin prototypes that monitor, analyze and simulate physical counterparts. Combined with Artificial Intelligence, they are exponentially useful to conduct calculations and predictions, and empower companies to reimagine how they develop and deliver their products.

Smart Energy Monitoring

Energy consumption management is integral for a sustainable and smart future. Our team has developed an Internet of Things smart energy monitoring system that monitors real-time data, benchmark energy consumption, generate reports and alerts, and help users become more cognizant of their consumption. This IoT device employs technologies like Machine Learning and Predictive Analyses to extract average energy consumption, forecast electricity bills, and contribute in energy conservation.

Cross Border Payments

In this highly volatile and threat-riddled environment, managing cross-border financial transactions is extremely challenging. There are several complex factors, such as hidden fees, cyber security, and lack of visibility in traditional cross-border payments. Our team of technologists have developed a revolutionary cross-border payment system which leverages blockchain technology to foster financial inclusion and enable more transparent and efficient payments.

Decentralized Crypto Vault

Crypto Custody Providers handle large amounts of cryptocurrency for exchanges and other high-profile clients. To ensure the stored assets are retrieved by the actual owner, a lengthy verification process that can last hours or even days, is involved. Our team of blockchain and crypto experts have developed a solution for exchanges, institutional investors and merchants, that provides a secure and fast way to transact large volumes of crypto assets in and out of the vault.

Our Perspectives

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