Self-Healing Test Automation 

Leveraging our expertise in QA with AI test automation for better accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.


Test automation offers faster feedback, greater coverage, and improved quality but can be challenging to maintain. 10Pearls provides an AI-driven test automation solution embedded directly into the development pipeline. 

Self-healing test automation is a software testing solution that is used to prevent any test issues that arise due to changes in the application UI or web elements. It reduces test cycle times to ensure accurate outcomes, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Advantages of Self-Healing Test Automation

Improved Accuracy, Better Outcomes 

Advanced algorithms are leveraged to reliably detect patterns causing test failures and inaccuracies. Tests are automatically re-executed to remove false failures before they block releases, improving overall test accuracy and consistency.

Optimized Test Automation 

Self-healing engine speeds up testing by quickly handling repetitive tasks and known issues. Tests are optimized over time, reducing the need for manual maintenance. Our streamlined AI testing and debugging approach allows for faster iterations.

Lower Costs, Faster Delivery 

Self-healing test automation minimizes manual effort by automatically healing, updating, and optimizing tests, cutting costs and accelerating delivery. This allows teams to prioritize high-value tasks over routine software testing.

Expansive Test Coverage 

AI-driven automation handles vast test volumes simultaneously, broadening coverage and suggesting new test cases based on code changes to enhance user journey coverage. Scalable self-healing AI testing ensures superior quality.

Self-Healing Test Automation That Evolves with Your Software

We’re a reliable AI Test Automation Partner 

Our self-healing test solutions optimize QA processes for high-quality delivery. We maximize test coverage, reduce failures, cut maintenance costs, enable rapid deployments, and unlock engineering insights through analytics. Embrace intelligent automation for the future of software testing.



We implement AI self-healing test automation that simplify scripting experience while seamlessly integrating with your existing tools and pipelines. 

Maximized Test Script Reusability 

Our software testers write easily understandable and executable test scripts, prioritizing version control and code review to improve script quality over time. 

Dedicated Software Testing Teams 

Our highly experienced software testers become an extension of your team to ensure high-quality delivery.

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