recognition & awards

Gartner has recognized 10Pearls for expertise in:

Agile DevOps

In its Market Guide for Agile and DevOps Services, Gartner highlights 10Pearls’ ability to provide both Agile DevOps expertise and qualified personnel for team augmentation. The report also recognizes our demonstrated expertise in DevOps, SecOps, mobile application development, customer experience, and artificial intelligence.

AI & SI Services

10Pearls was recognized as a systems integrator in Gartner’s Market Guide for AI-Related Consulting and SI Services for Intelligent Automation. The research examines how business leaders can, and should, leverage partnerships with key service providers to accelerate and innovate. The Gartner report cites, among other strengths, 10Pearls’ dedication to usability, customer experience, and security.

Intelligent Automation Consulting and System Integration

In its Market Guide for AI-Related Consulting and SI Services for Intelligent Automation, Gartner recognized 10Pearls’ expertise in design thinking sessions, ideating use cases, reconfiguring or redesigning business or IT processes, evaluating and prototyping technologies, architecting the connection between technologies and legacy applications, curating data, building and training algorithms and models, developing, testing and integrating solutions, and assessing and mitigating risks.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting and System Integration

In its Hype Cycle for Application Services, Gartner recognized 10Pearls for its ability to ideate use cases, design business or IT processes, select technologies, curate data, build and train models, deploy solutions, assess and mitigate risks, and adapt talent mix and processes to successfully incorporate new AI solutions.