10Pearls Listed in Two Forrester Reports

10Pearls is thrilled to be recognized in two of Forrester’s recent reports: Global Systems Integrators Embrace DevOps As Both An Opportunity And A Threat: 10Pearls was interviewed alongside only 14 other companies for our expertise in helping organizations embrace DevOps best practices....
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Intro to Design Studio

Launching a new digital product is an exciting time for any company. The team is energized about an idea and is eager to take a product to market that will meet a significant customer need. But many businesses hit a roadblock when...
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Microservices 101

Few industries are subject to as much change as the IT industry. New tools and technologies arise every year. Some revolutionize the industry (now everyone is moving to the cloud) and some become outdated almost as soon as they arise (anyone remember...
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Strategies for Creating V-Next

Digital products are in a constant state of evolution. As new technologies emerge, and the market changes, business leaders need to constantly improve their existing software products – no application is perfect upon creation. Successful companies develop a clear strategy mapping out...
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Thank you, Moms!

For Mother’s Day 2018, our 10Pearls office in Karachi held a tea party to celebrate all of the wonderful mothers who are part of the 10Pearls team. These brilliant, dedicated women are an inspiration to us all, and it is an honor...
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