Empowering communities
across the globe.

Empowering communities
across the globe.

Creating Opportunities and Building Better Futures

Empower Foundation is the philanthropic arm of 10Pearls dedicated to creating a positive difference. We strive to strengthen the disadvantaged and underserved segments of society and build better lives for all.

Our multi-pronged strategy focuses on employment creation, women empowerment, primary education, disability inclusion and quality healthcare. Empower Foundation has over 1,000 volunteers, and has partnered with more than 100 non-profits across the world for various programs and initiatives.

Zaytun - A Beacon of Hope

Launched in 2020, Zaytun is an initiative by Empower Foundation aimed to empower people through various means. Zaytun started off as a food center providing daily fresh meals to the needy, and has now evolved into a well-knitted network of welfare spaces spanning across different cities, providing education, vocational training, shelter and employment opportunities. Within just a few years of its launch, Zaytun has manifested into a ‘powerhouse of kindness’ that positively impacts millions of lives across the globe.

Partnerships for Change

Empower Foundation frequently partners with non-profits to support them in various social causes. We collaborate with non-profit schools to provide education to children, and work with hospitals to conduct blood drives and fund life-saving machinery. We also support shelter homes and collect funds to rehabilitate natural disaster victims. Empower Foundation also facilitates technical trainings for people with disabilities, and engages in a variety of similar humanitarian activities.

Our Impact

Food Sustenance for All

Good nutrition is an essential human right. Through Zaytun, our custom-built food facilities, we provide free and fresh meals to over 5,000 people daily across multiple cities, helping them fight hunger and cost-of-living pressures. Empower Foundation also conducts massive food ration drives in the wake of catastrophes such as floods, pandemics, earthquakes etc.

Strengthening Our Children’s Future

Empower Foundation actively works for children’s education and health to help them become successful and independent adults. In addition to free meals, we also provide primary education to underprivileged children through Zaytun. We train and engage with students with disabilities to mentor them for success. Our volunteers and team also mentor families and advocate for children’s rights, including rights to education, healthcare, and gender equality.

Women Empowerment

At Empower Foundation, one of our key focus areas is to help women rise above and beyond social and economic limitations. We strive to achieve this by providing vocational trainings and education opportunities to women in underserved communities, and also conduct various awareness sessions around women health and social issues. Through Empower Foundation, we help women become financially empowered and in a better position to turn around their lives.

Disability-Inclusion for Equal Opportunities

Empower Foundation works relentlessly for disability inclusion. We work towards fair participation, socio-economic integration, and access to equal opportunities. We collaborate with various organizations such as Deaf Reach School, Dar-ul-Sukun, NOWPDP and KDSP to raise awareness and eliminate common stereotypes. Empower Foundation also provides digital skills trainings to people with disabilities to help them gain employment and lead a more empowered life.

Trainings and Opportunity Creation

Skills development can secure employment, create sustainable livelihoods and reduce poverty. We collaborate with non-profit institutes to provide funding, guidance and trainings to students with limited financial means. We also host technical and vocational training classes for underprivileged men and women to equip them with employability skills and help them achieve financial stability.

Healthcare Partnerships That Change Lives

We partner with hospitals and health organizations to support the sick and help save lives. From conducting life-saving blood donation drives to fundraising for critical medical equipment and machinery, we facilitate healthcare providers with resources and funds to improve patient care and enhance medical outreach.

Working for a Greener Planet

Empower Foundation is committed to protect our planet through green initiatives that reduce environmental damage and generate renewable energy. Our various endeavors include installation of solar-powered wells, plantation and reforestation drives, community cleanups, recycling programs, and the promotion of environmentally-responsible practices.

Our Partners

Small Efforts Create Big Changes