The technology landscape is rapidly evolving, and we are in the business of change. In our R&D facility, 10Pearls Labs, we evaluate the impact of the latest technologies and create advanced applications and solutions for our clients.

Each year, Gartner releases a Hype Cycle for emerging technologies, an analysis outlining the current technologies driving digital innovation. This year, 10Pearls was recognized as a leading digital development partner providing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Customer Solutions and Innovation (CSI) services.

Our Focus

Natural Language Processing

Develop and implement voice interfaces that are capable of understanding an analyzing speech to achieve real-life results.


Automate the development, QA, and monitoring processes to increase efficiency and system health.

Image Recognition

Leverage cognitive technologies with the ability to identify, analyze, and learn from images.


Create and apply connected devices to ideate new services, automate cumbersome processes, and improve efficiency.


Construct and integrate chatbots capable of immediate and personalized responses as they interact with customers.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Build immersive, virtual experiences that are capable of replicating real-life scenarios to engage the senses. 

Chatbots 101


A powerful communication and engagement tool, chatbots are becoming an integral part of many companies’ digital strategies. In fact, Gartner predicts that chatbots will handle over 85% of a business’s interactions with a customer by 2020.


Our team has helped a number of clients build and deploy chatbots this year, delivering an enriched customer experience that offers immediate responses, personalization, and convenience. Drawing from our recent work, we’ve put together a list of key features and technical tools that ensure optimal functionality and return on investment.

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How Your Company Can Invest in Intelligent Experiences

Today’s consumers expect their everyday activities -- driving to the office, meeting with colleagues, cooking their dinner -- to be facilitated by digital technologies, particularly mobile technologies. Companies across industries (even in non-tech sectors) are realizing that they must have a digital strategy if they want to stay competitive.

But a digital strategy isn’t enough. Businesses that want to accelerate growth (not just keep pace) during the age of digital transformation must invest in creating intelligent experiences for their customers.

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Emotional Responses to AI Systems


More and more businesses are leveraging artificial intelligence systems and chatbots to enhance customer experience, but many questions remain about their long-term value. The most pressing among them: how should we measure the success of AI systems? how can we gauge end users’ true responses to it? and how can we create compelling and effective user experiences when there is no visual user interface? A better understanding of AI could help answer these questions and simplify UX for AI, which involves cognitive design, i.e. designing for how people think (not just what they want to see).


To get some answers, our customer experience team, led by John Whalen, researched how humans structure their commands to the most popular AI systems (Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant) and measured human reactions to AI responses using biometrics (facial emotion recognition, heart rate, GSR).

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