We Stay Ahead of Emerging Technologies

Technology moves at breakneck speeds. At our R&D facility, 10Pearls Labs, we study, test, and analyze the impact of artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality, machine learning, blockchain, and NLP and measure their impact on software development, business models, and go-to-market strategies.

Comparison of Speech to Text Products

Voice is increasingly playing an important role in how we interact with technology today. At 10Pearls Labs, our R&D team has been looking at the effectiveness of products that provide speech to text capabilities. We have put together a live demonstration where we compare Google, Azure, Watson and AWS. We did this for multiple languages.

IBM Watson Bot for AARP

10Pearls developed a chatbot for AARP’s Family Caregiving & Long-term Care division. The chatbot is available to caregivers in their native channels (i.e. popular messenger apps like Facebook Messenger) and via AARP’s web properties, Caregivers in the Community (CINC) and CareConnection. The chatbot connects users to trusted experts, including United Healthcare for caregiving professionals. After exhausting the knowledge base, or upon customer request, the chatbot can escalate users to live support.


10Pearls continues to actively pursue new and innovative use cases for blockchain and blockchain technologies. We recently developed an internal proof of concept solution that can be used to identify unexpected audit log entries in critical servers and machines. With a transparent digital ledger, users of the system can be assured that log entries cannot be changed or removed without administrative knowledge.


10Pearls is working on a navigation app built on Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Platform and integrated with cell phone GPS services. The app offers a heads-up display (HUD) view of the navigation path on a HoloLens headset. Additional features include real-time calculation of distance traveled, waypoints achieved and routes to next waypoints.

Facial Detection and Analysis Using HoloLens

10Pearls regularly participates in Global Azure events. At this year’s Global Azure Bootcamp we presented our work on HoloLens. 10Pearls Labs developed an app for HoloLens that not only detects faces but identifies and predicts attributes like emotion, age, and ethnicity based on facial features and expressions.

Virtual Reality Bowling

10Pearls Labs developed a virtual reality (VR) bowling game for Oculus Rift. We were extremely impressed with the level of environmental detail VR technology allowed us to put into the game. Real Bowling 3D has been submitted to Oculus Rift’s VR Store for review and will be available to the public soon.

Virtual Meeting

10Pearls Labs is currently working on a virtual meeting concept. Through virtual meetings users from different locations will be able to see, interact, and voice chat with other user avatars in the virtual meeting room.

Early Detection of Lung Cancer Using ML

In our ongoing effort to enhance health services through innovative technology, 10Pearls Labs set out to build a machine learning algorithm capable of scanning 3D-image data sets and predict a patient’s likelihood for developing cancer nodules in their lungs. This algorithm is based on predictive analysis and a specifically articulated neural network.

Image Recognition and Augmented Reality

10Pearls developed a proof of concept solution capable of recognizing images and associating them with augmented reality models in real time. Using the app’s camera feature, users snap a picture of the product prompting an augmented reality animation to play with information about it. This concept has the potential to revolutionize the way consumers make point-of-purchase buying decisions.

Detecting Dementia with Amazon Alexa

Leveraging voice-enabled artificial intelligence (AI) technology and Amazon’s Alexa, 10Pearls helped AARP build a prototype of an app to detect dementia in seniors. When seniors interact with Alexa, the app learns about their speech patterns and usual behavior, allowing it to intelligently measure changes that reflect confusion and shifts in mood.