Enable meaningful communication with natural language processing

Enable meaningful communication with natural language processing

Convert unstructured data into actionable insights

Through our ai-driven voice and language processing solutions and data analysis tools, we help organizations interpret human language and behavior. Our natural language processing (nlp) team delivers next-gen digital experiences that are contextually relevant, highly interactive, and refreshingly human.

streamline processes

Monitor customer feedback on the go, free your resources from repetitive tasks, and remain on top of emerging trends.

Large-scale analysis

Process huge amounts of data in just seconds or minutes, which conventionally takes days or weeks of manual analysis.

Improve customer satisfaction

Automatically analyze and sort customer service tickets by topic, intent, urgency, sentiment, and route them directly to the relevant department.


Ability to process unstructured text for data-driven, real-world, immediately actionable insights.

Speech Recognition

Our automatic speech recognition solutions based on adaptable voice models, and combined with language models, ensure more accuracy and cost-efficiency.

Text Categorization

We offer automated text categorization that helps structure critical business data and segregate it for better searchability and organization. This minimizes errors, scales real-time insights, saves time, and extracts the most value out of available information.

Technologies We Work With

Featured Case Studies

R&D: Comparison of speech-to-text products
research and development

Our R&D team has explored the effectiveness of products that provide speech to text capabilities. Customers can compare Google, Azure, Watson, AWS and others, in multiple languages, to choose a vendor that suits their requirements the most.

Industry: Healthcare

Leveraging voice-enabled AI technology and Amazon’s Alexa, 10Pearls helped a client build an app to detect dementia in seniors. When seniors interact with Alexa, the app learns about their patterns and behavior, allowing it to intelligently measure changes that reflect confusion and shifts in mood.

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