Computer Vision

Extract real-time insights with
computer vision

Computer Vision

Extract real-time insights with computer vision

Enhance your business
efficiency through rich
and real-time insights

Enhance your business
efficiency through rich
and real-time insights

Computer vision is a field of Artificial Intelligence that enables computers and systems to derive meaningful insights from videos, images and other visual input, and take actions or make recommendations based on the information gathered. At 10Pearls, our large team of Computer Vision experts can help transform the way your business works, and enable unprecedented efficiency, precision, and control.

Our Services



We provide large volumes of training datasets to iterate the algorithms for accurate data annotation and verification.

Model Design and Optimization

Our Computer Vision team optimizes model designs with frameworks like OpenCV, TensorFlow and GPU module to create high-performance machine vision applications.

Custom Application Development

We develop robust and scalable computer vision-enabled applications.


We integrate computer vision services into a product/service and configure the system as per business requirements.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Image Recognition/Detection

Our deep learning and computer vision engineering expertise enables us to do critical and complex image recognition and detection. We mine rich and extensive data sets and convert unstructured data into structured data to generate valuable insights.


Video Analytics

Our video analytics help detect and determine temporal and spatial events. Our expertise covers Video Error Level Analysis, Tamper detection, Dynamic Masking, Motion detection and Shape recognition.

Object Detection, Tracking and Labeling

Object Detection, Tracking and Labeling We build predictable pipeline of high-quality computer vision training data to teach ML-powered computer vision systems to find and identify objects in image and video data.


Optical Character Recognition

OCR services translate data into automatic machine-editable text. OCR ensures high-quality data conversion that is fast, accurate and efficient. We deliver high-end computer vision solutions to find, capture, and extract data automatically from unstructured documents and cut down on manual operations.

Generative Adversarial Network

Our highly-competent and skilled Computer Vision experts utilize GANs for creative content creation industries such as Animation, Entertainment and Visual Art, to generate creative interpretations of data. Examples of GAN implementations include synthesizing characters or scenes similar to the original ones, autocorrection of artifacts in drawings, simulating and animating body physics and so on.


Emotion Detection Analysis

We use machine learning and natural division of data to detect the emotions of a human face. Our solutions detect facial expressions and measure the sentiments of one or multiple faces of the users or callers in real-time. This helps businesses in knowing how their customers feel, so that they can build more engaging customer experiences.

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