AI framework

Computer Vision

Harness the power of AI and advanced image processing to analyze and interpret visual data using neural networks.

Our trusted computer vision framework streamlines AI solution development with proven reliability and performance. Leverage our extensive industry experience and innovative solutions for success in healthcare, real estate, home security, and beyond. Our technology enhances efficiency, accuracy, and customer experiences, setting new standards in various industries.

Image Acquisition

Load a diverse set of images to prepare the system for analysis and decision-making, tailoring the image types to the system's specific functions.


Images are pre-processed to meet the input specifications required for real-time object detection, including resizing to uniform dimensions for seamless analysis in subsequent phases.

Feature Extraction

Analyze raw image data to extract key features such as shapes, textures, and colors for recognition. This critical process serves as the backbone, enabling the instant identification of objects in high volumes during preliminary detection.

Object Detection

A custom model enhances object detection by identifying a broader range of objects beyond the capabilities of the standard model. By combining initial detection with this tailored approach, the system achieves improved performance and effectiveness in capturing detailed nuances.


Error correction addresses any misclassifications, followed by thorough data validation to ensure their relevance. Feature matching reinforces categorization accuracy, systematically labeling the detected objects to facilitate predictions.

Decision Making

The system is ready to make informed decisions, suggestions, or predictions by combining the output of multiple decision models for greater accuracy than any single model alone.

Computer Vision/Image Processing Framework

Use Case Overview

Developed an AI-driven room detector leveraging computer vision technology for a leading appraisal management company. The tool eliminated manual validation of property appraisal images, saving countless hours. It accurately categorized appraisal photos by room type, detected prohibited content, significantly reduced manual review efforts, and optimized the company's operations while maintaining appraisal quality.

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