Automate customer journeys with AI chatbots

Automate customer journeys with AI chatbots

We Help Build Responsive Businesses

Our state-of the-art chatbot services are designed to streamline communication and create convenience. using predictive intelligence and analytics, our chatbots dramatically enhance and improve the customer journey, and help customers build a responsive ecosystem.

Easily Accessible

We develop AI chatbots for all desired platforms to reach and engage with maximum target audience.

Intuitive UX/UI

Easy navigation and clean ui, giving the user quick access to information, troubleshooting and task scheduling.

Intelligent Experience

Our AI powered chatbots leverage cognitive technologies to predict user needs and interests, and engage in empathetic dialogue.

Timely Transitions

Our AI chatbots are equipped to detect escalation in issue complexity and transfer conversation to a human agent when needed.

Chatbot Persona

Depending on the client’s needs and brand image, we help build chatbot personas that take on distinct characteristics.

our expertise


ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI, is a variant of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). It is trained on a large corpus of text datasets to understand human language and generate human-like text. With the increasing demand for robust NLP and conversational applications such as AI powered chatbots and Virtual Assistants, we help businesses use ChatGPT across a variety of domains including customer service, marketing and sales, operations, IT/Engineering, R&D etc. 

Active Learning

Active learning improves chatbot conversation with minimal human effort. We employ cognitive models, and based on collected data, conversation is modified and improvised to build greater understanding to answer queries. Active learning helps chatbots learn progressively by improving conversation with time.


We can integrate and connect your bot with any software you use – it can be an off-the-shelf software or a company’s custom software. This allows easy and seamless user adoption and reliable scalability.

Visual and Voice Recognition

Visual and voice capabilities increase a chatbot’s security and contextual understanding. Our team of experts can employ visual and voice technology in AI chatbots to verify identity through facial or sound recognition, or gauge a user’s emotions to increase empathy in conversation.

Task Automation

One of the primary functions of AI powered chatbots is task automation. We program chatbots to perform mundane/repetitive tasks for your business – and, with time and training data, these chatbots can take on more complex tasks with greater efficiency. Driven by technologies such as AI and NLP, we help organizations optimize their time and resources to get quality work done at greater speed and lower costs. 

Featured Case Studies

Industry: Healthcare

10Pearls developed a chatbot for a Family Caregiving & Long-term Care customer. The multi-platform chatbot connects users to trusted caregiving professionals. Based on the specific scenario, the chatbot escalates users to live support.

Industry: Healthcare

Leveraging voice-enabled AI technology and Amazon’s Alexa, 10Pearls helped a client build an app to detect dementia in seniors. When seniors interact with Alexa, the app learns about their patterns and behavior, allowing it to intelligently measure changes that reflect confusion and shifts in mood.

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