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The article, “Women in Tech: The initiative seeking to close the gender gap in STEM careers”, discusses how this initiative aims to close the gender gap in STEM careers by promoting the participation of women in Latin America’s tech industry. The event in Costa Rica features talks by industry experts, focusing on mentorship, work-life balance, and the role of women in driving technological innovation. Through this initiative, 10Pearls aims to inspire women to break stereotypes, lead innovation, and create networking opportunities, ultimately contributing to equity, innovation, and success in the tech sector.

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(The article, written in Spanish, has been translated below)

Women in Tech: An initiative seeking to close the gender gap in STEM careers

Promoting the presence of female talent in STEM will achieve balance in rights and equity, drive innovation, economic development, and business success.

The lack of female talent recruitment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers remains a challenge in the industry. According to UNESCO figures, in 2020, the global average rate of female researchers was only 29.3%, with only 35% of STEM students in higher education being women.

Additionally, a survey conducted by the World Bank focusing on Latin American companies shows a significant gender gap in STEM fields, with only one-third of employees holding degrees in these areas being women.

Among the initiatives developed to help close the gender gap is ‘Women in Tech,’ a project promoted by 10Pearls University. The initiative aims to take a step further in its mission to inspire women in technology to break gender stereotypes, lead innovation, create networks, and forge new career opportunities through the organization’s expansion into Latin America.

Women in Tech event will begin on February 10 in Costa Rica, featuring a series of talks by industry experts and professionals. Presenters will share their experiences and insights on the importance of having close professional mentors empowering career development, integrating a balanced vision of professional and personal life, and the role of women in innovation. Additionally, the event will include a panel discussion on how women can lead the technological revolution.

The event is designed for women in technology careers, aiming to include everyone from students to experienced professionals to enable cross-generational learning and unlock diverse perspectives. Moreover, previous editions have already been held in countries like Pakistan and emerging markets.

“Latin America is a talent hub, and at 10Pearls, we are eager to do our part to ensure that more women in the region can pave professional paths in the technology industry.”

Imran Aftab, CEO, 10Pearls

Fostering Local Talent

Part of the motivation for hosting a new edition of ‘Women in Tech’ in Costa Rica is the efforts 10Pearls is making to promote talent in the region. The company has been expanding its presence in the region since 2021, offering nearshoring services to partners and clients in various countries in the region.

As the leadership team at 10Pearls began to establish operations in Latin America, they realized the importance of the gender gap in the region’s technology industry, leading to the motivation to launch a new chapter of Women in Tech.

Promoting women in STEM is a win for everyone, and doing so will achieve balance in rights and equity, drive innovation, economic development, and business success, and ensure that the technology we build serves the entire society.

10Pearls was founded in 2004 by brothers Imran and Zeeshan Aftab. What started as a two-person operation is now a global business with offices in the United States, Costa Rica, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and Peru.

By nurturing local talent and fostering a supportive ecosystem, 10Pearls aims not only to close the gender gap but also to harness the untapped potential of Latin America’s growing tech landscape. Building on the success of similar initiatives like Women Tech Quest in Pakistan, the expansion of Women In Tech to Latin America underscores 10Pearls’ commitment to driving meaningful change on a global scale.