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The recent article, El evento ‘Women in Tech’ llega a Latinoamérica para romper los estereotipos de género by Entrepreneur en Espanol, highlights 10Pearls’ upcoming “Women In Tech” (WIT) initiative in Latin America. The event is set to make its debut in San José, Costa Rica, on February 10, 2024. Aimed at shattering gender stereotypes and fostering new opportunities for women in technology, WIT represents a significant step towards equality in the tech industry. Designed exclusively for women in technology, the event will include an array of talks featuring both local and international women leaders and provide a platform for female tech enthusiasts to connect, inspire, and learn.

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(The article, written in Spanish, has been translated below)

The 'Women in Tech' Event arrives in Latin America to Break Gender Stereotypes

The initiative that supports women in technology to break stereotypes and create new opportunities is expanding into Latin America.

This week, it was announced that 10Pearls, a multinational company based in Washington D.C., will host its Women in Tech event in Latin America for the first time. The event will take place on February 10th in San José, Costa Rica, aiming to promote equality for women in the tech industry, particularly in the region.

According to a recent report by Harlem Capital, there are 128 companies founded and co-founded by women in Latin America, most with advanced degrees and were CEOs. However, the number remains low, considering that hundreds of startups are created in the region every year.

According to the World Bank, only between 5% and 15% of women in the region have medium or strong skills in solving computer problems. The employment situation for women also continues to lag and currently stands at 5% below pre-pandemic levels. Initiatives like the Women in Tech event have the opportunity to make a positive impact.

The women-focused event will host a series of talks and speakers, from women leaders and local partners, such as the Denton law firm. The event will feature participation from distinguished speakers who are experts in the STEM area, both Costa Rican and international speakers, who will share personal experiences and inspiration.

Women in Tech is an initiative of 10Pearls University, which has a seven-year history of supporting the tech industry in Pakistan and other emerging markets. The initiative’s mission is to inspire women in the tech sector to break gender stereotypes, lead innovation, build networks, and forge new professional opportunities thanks to the organization’s expansion into Latin America.

10Pearls, the company behind the event, was founded in 2004 by brothers Imran and Zeeshan Aftab. What started as a two-person operation is now a global business with offices in the United States, Costa Rica, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and Peru.

The initiative’s mission is to inspire women in the tech sector to break gender stereotypes, lead innovation, build networks, and forge new professional opportunities.

“We are very proud to present our Women in Tech event in Costa Rica. We understand firsthand how good jobs could change entire communities, particularly in emerging countries. This marks the first expansion of our initiative in Latin America, after which we intend to expand the model to neighboring countries to boost female empowerment in the region and improve equality in the tech sector.”

Imran Aftab, CEO, 10Pearls

The event arrives at a crucial time, with Reuters reporting this week that funding in the region has dropped to its lowest level in five years. Latin American startups raised $3.1 billion in venture capital investments in 2023, their worst performance since 2018, according to data released on Wednesday by the Brazilian platform Distrito.

“However, 2024 started with optimism in the market,” said Gustavo Gierun, CEO of Distrito, indicating “emerging opportunities” on the horizon.

Other examples of organizations leading female entrepreneurship in the region include Giuliana Corbo, CEO of Nearsure, Dr. Carolina Hernández, founder and CEO of Colorchain; Sara Delfim, co-founder of Dahlia Capital; Carla Barbot, CEO and co-founder of Paccari; and Lab4U’s Chilean biochemist Komal Dadlani, co-founder and CEO.

The launch of the Women in Tech event by 10Pearls in Costa Rica transcends the boundaries of a conference; it signifies a pioneering movement to dismantle the glass ceiling prevalent in LATAM’s tech industry. It is committed to uniting women across diverse sectors of technology and science, fostering a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts, and igniting transformative changes and innovation throughout the region.