The Bogota Post’s Exclusive Interview with Imran Aftab on 10Pearls expansion into Colombia

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In a recent exclusive interview with The Bogota Post, Imran Aftab, CEO, 10Pearls, talked about the journey of 10Pearls and its remarkable strides in the tech industry. Imran emphasized 10Pearls’ commitment to not only product development and innovation, but also strategic initiatives spanning healthcare, financial services, energy, education, and telecommunications.

A notable highlight of the conversation was 10Pearls’ recent acquisition of Oiga Technologies, a Medellin-based firm specializing in AI and blockchain services, demonstrating the company’s dedication to expanding expertise and fostering growth.

He emphasized the shared values and growth potential that drove the decision, stating, “When we acquire companies, we evaluate the founder’s energy. Companies have a soul, believe it or not, and we recognized this in Oiga – they had the expertise, they had the right leadership and culture. Like us, they believe in the double bottom line – that it’s important to do good while doing well.”

Imran also outlined 10Pearls’ plans for further expansion and investment in Latin America, particularly in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Peru. He emphasized the company’s unique proposition, blending enterprise-grade robustness with agility and innovation, positioning them as an ideal partner for businesses navigating digital transformation.

He shared 10Pearls’ commitment to continuous learning and adaptability, and discussed the importance of soft skills and technical expertise. “The biggest hurdle to the future is not tech or AI; it’s the mindset. Nobody wants a toxic genius. You need the ability to work with a group of people, show empathy, teach, give and take.”

Sharing his optimism about the tech ecosystem in Latin America, Imran remarked, “Tech employees’ ability to garner income can grow exponentially. It helps ecosystems around the world. I would like to work with universities in Colombia to co-train and participate in these things.”

Imran Aftab’s interview with The Bogota Post offers valuable insights into 10Pearls’ journey, its strategic vision, and the broader trends shaping the tech industry. With a focus on purpose-driven growth and fostering partnerships, 10Pearls continues to lead the change towards a more inclusive and innovative future.