Hire top-notch kubernetes experts to deliver robust and scalable applications.

Our clients love our quality and work ethics


Hire top-notch Kubernetes Experts to deliver robust and scalable applications.

Our clients love our quality and work ethics

Trusted by leading enterprises and startups

Accelerate your time to
market with Kubernetes

Accelerate your time to market with Kubernetes

Kubernetes, also known as K8s, is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Originally designed by Google, there are many features of Kubernetes companies find quite useful, including the ability to scale without increasing your ops team, delivering complex applications consistently, and the freedom of open-source to shine on all platforms – on-premise, hybrid or public cloud infrastructure. At 10Pearls, we provide top-notch Kubernetes services. Our team of Kubernetes consultants and developers can effectively leverage the technology and deliver flawless applications.

why kubernetes


Using Kubernetes, we can help you significantly cut the infrastructure costs. Kubernetes container-based architecture is feasible across a great number of large, enterprise apps. This makes it possible to pack together apps with minimal resources, and manage cloud and hardware investments more effectively.

Secure infrastructure

Kubernetes enables a highly secure infrastructure. This is again possible through the container mechanism of Kubernetes - in case one container dies, a replacement container is launched immediately, making the whole process secure and robust.

Faster and more agile development

Kubernetes is extremely feasible for agile development. Using the power of microservices, a team can be divided into small agile teams of Kubernetes developers that can deliver features seamlessly on a day-to-day basis.

strong technical

strong technical acumen

Sound Understanding of CI/CD Pipeline

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery or Deployment (CI/CD) is a method to frequently deliver applications by introducing automation into the software development process. Our Kubernetes consultants have excellent understanding of CI/CD pipelines, which enables transparency, eliminates manual tasks, and prevents multiple coding flaws, especially for development and operations teams.


Competent in Agile methodology

Agile software development methodologies center around the concept of iterative development, where developers or teams are able to deliver value faster, with greater quality, and proactive response to change. All our Kubernetes consultants, project managers, and Kubernetes developers have proficient knowledge of agile and have a diverse number of agile projects to their name.

Expert skills in version control systems

Version control systems are critical aspects of everyday modern software development and professional practices. Our Kubernetes consultants and developers are proficient in versioning tools such as Git which enables them to better control and monitor the different steps of software development life cycle.


Skilled with containers

One of the most efficient ways to use Kubernetes is by putting code into a container. All our Kubernetes consultants and developers have sound knowledge of how containers work and how to utilize them in building software.

Proficiency in cloud computing services

Cloud computing enables access to software applications, data storage, and other services over the Internet, eliminating the need for traditional physical servers. All our Kubernetes consultants have excellent knowledge of various cloud computing systems, like AWS, GCP, Azure, etc., which enables them to maximize cloud utilization.


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10Pearls is an award-winning digital development company, helping business with product design, development and technology acceleration.

EY Announced Imran Aftab as an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2022 Mid-Atlantic Award Winner

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Recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America for 4 years in a row (2022, 2021, 2020 & 2019)

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Recognized on The Financial Times list of The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2022

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Recognized for DevOps, Agile, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Expertise

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Recognized by Tech in Motion (Timmy Awards) for Best Tech Work Culture in Washington, DC for 2 years in a row (2021 & 2020)

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    10Pearls makes life easier for companies by providing a platform where they can hire highly qualified and experienced nearshore and offshore Kubernetes consultants. To start a project with us, you can contact us via our number or email. After understanding your requirements, we’ll soon form a team and assign them a project manager who’ll be responsible for facilitating communication and seamless collaboration between all stakeholders involved in the project. Our Kubernetes consultants provide inventive, world-class development and deployment solutions and help business leaders save time and resources while driving successful digital transformation.

    Kubernetes drives smart container orchestration, automated development, and scaling which helps streamline software development and deployment. It optimizes resources, ensures, efficiency and affordability, and helps teams focus on delivering high-quality software products. If your team lacks Kubernetes expertise, we recommend hiring Kubernetes consultants from a world-class rightshore software development company like 10Pearls.

    Our Kubernetes consultants leverage industry-standard tools and best practices to ensure seamless data and container migration between different environments. We’ll work closely with your in-house team to understand your specific requirements, goals, and vision. Based on that, we’ll form a custom migration plan that’s well-aligned with your business goals and needs. The extensive expertise of our Kubernetes consultants allows them to promptly identify and resolve issues that may arise during the migration process, making sure that your business operations run smoothly.

    Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform used for managing and deploying various containerized applications. On the other hand, DevOps refers to a set of practices that combines IT operations and software development to shorten and simplify the systems development lifecycle. Kubernetes is a tool that is often used with the DevOps workflow. Moreover, DevOps engineers focus on the entire software delivery process, from development to deployment, while Kubernetes consultants focus mostly on container orchestration.

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