Outsourcing: How to Get the Best Value

I’m often asked my opinion regarding the relative merits and fully-loaded cost of software development in various technology centers around the world. My response draws upon 15 years running a software development firm with teams on 3 continents and prior experience managing...
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The Camel Is the New Unicorn

This past decade was the era of the unicorn. It seemed like every article was touting some new startup as “the next big thing.” Investors were scouring the earth for the next Unicorn and business leaders desperately aspired to have their companies crowned...
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The New Normal

The effect of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on business will be felt long after the outbreak itself has passed. We need to be ready for a new normal in the workplace, characterized by geographically distributed teams, agile processes, measurable productivity, and virtualization, among...
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