10Pearls Featured in Forbes República Dominicana for its initiative ‘Women in Tech’


Promoting greater representation of women in STEM fields extends beyond mere equality; it represents a strategic necessity for advancing scientific, technological, and economic development. The Forbes article titled “Initiatives Driving Women’s Participation in STEM” discusses efforts aimed at encouraging women’s involvement in science and technology, highlighting initiatives such as 10Pearls LATAM’s Women In Tech, held on February 10th in Costa Rica. Events like Women In Tech are pivotal, not only in empowering individuals but also in reshaping ecosystems, fostering innovation, and forging a future where all individuals have equitable opportunities to prosper.

Forbes República Dominicana
(The article, written in Spanish, has been translated below)

Initiatives Driving Women's Participation in STEM

The lack of female talent recruitment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers remains a challenge in the industry, according to UNESCO figures. In 2020, the global average rate of female researchers was only 29.3%, and only 35% of STEM students in higher education were women. Furthermore, a survey conducted by the World Bank focusing on companies in Latin America shows a significant gender gap in STEM areas, with only one-third of employees holding degrees in these fields being women.

Among the initiatives seeking to bridge the gender gap in STEM careers are some companies like Microsoft, which in 2023 organized the DigiGirlz event, bringing together more than 50 girls and young women in Guatemala to promote and encourage technical education for girls and adolescents. These spaces serve as a platform to showcase the advantages of technological careers and the growing demand for these profiles in the job market, providing young women with the opportunity to learn about advancements in technology such as artificial intelligence, coding, and computational thinking, while also allowing them to meet and converse with prominent industry professionals.

“It has been proven that the deficit of women in science, technology, and mathematics industries and careers is closely related to the lack of role models,” said Erick Sosa, Microsoft Guatemala Manager, at the time.

Another effort to incentivize closing the gender gap in STEM comes from the Ministry of Public Education of Guatemala, where they developed an initiative called Mission Activation Charity, through which 180 young people were able to pursue careers in the field of technology.

Leaders call for closing the gender gap

According to McKinsey figures, the gender gap costs the world approximately $12 trillion in global GDP, with some countries experiencing losses of up to 35%. With the cost of economic inequality so high, we cannot wait for the estimated 169 years it will take to close the gender economic gap, as indicated by the World Economic Forum report.

Various industry leaders have been working to accelerate the closure of the gap through an initiative called the Accelerators Network, which aims to improve access to economic opportunities for 867,318 women through new laws and workplace policies addressing gender gaps in the workforce, pay, and leadership.

Globally, countries are working with 1,265 private sector companies to close gender gaps in their workforce and operations. For example, over 180 companies in Chile have committed to collectively employing 130,000 local women, accounting for 7% of private sector wage employees.

Initiatives driving women’s participation in STEM

Companies participating in the acceleration program in Chile, such as Accenture, Cargill, IBM, Invest Chile, LatAm Airlines, Microsoft, Nestlé, PwC, SAP, Siemens, and Unilever, have seen an increase in female representation in the workforce to 41%, as well as a significant decrease of 37.5% in the gender pay gap.

Women in technology

Creating spaces for learning and collaboration among experts and enthusiasts serves as a guide for decision-making. That’s why the multinational company 10Pearls decided to host a new edition of its ‘Women in Tech’ event in San José, Costa Rica.

The goal is to take a step further in their mission to inspire women in technology to break gender stereotypes, lead innovation, build networks, and forge new professional opportunities through the company’s expansion in Central America.

For Imran Aftab, co-founder and CEO of 10Pearls, the event represents an opportunity to give back to the industry, betting on closing gaps and creating a more equitable ecosystem for everyone: “I started this company with my brother because we believe giving back is important. When I worked for AOL, I had the opportunity to be in more than 11 countries around the world, and I recognized how job creation changed people’s lives. That’s when I connected the dots, I wanted to change the world by helping create job opportunities, especially empowering women,” says the executive.

Women in Tech will take place on February 10 and will consist of a series of talks by industry experts and professionals. Speakers will share their experiences and insights on the importance of having close professional mentors who empower career development, how to integrate a balanced vision of professional and personal life, as well as the role of women in innovation. Additionally, the event will feature a panel discussion on how women can lead the technological revolution.

The event is designed for women in technology careers and aims to include all stakeholders, from students to experienced professionals, to enable learning across generations and unlock diverse perspectives.

In my story, my mother played a significant role in our lives. She didn’t have the privilege of education, but she was wise and encouraged me a lot when I started in the world of entrepreneurship. That formula with technology offers a great opportunity to do this on a large scale,” explains Aftab.

The company also has other social initiatives such as the Empower Foundation, where they work with children, women, and those with fewer opportunities. They are also empowering women in technology through Women Tech Quest, where women from the industry, recent graduates, are invited, and they provide exposure to different opportunities.

A study shows that less than 4% of women hold significant positions in companies in the region. That must change because we know that when mothers are empowered, they can achieve great things,” concludes Imran.

By Stiven Cartagena

‘Women in Tech’ is an initiative of 10Pearls University that boasts a 7-year track record supporting women in emerging markets. The expansion of this initiative in Costa Rica and across the LATAM region will further its mission to inspire women in technology to come forward, break gender stereotypes, and drive positive social transformation.