El Tiempo’s Exclusive Interview with Imran Aftab on Expansion into Latin America


In a recent interview with El Tiempo, Imran Aftab, CEO of 10Pearls, shared insights about 10Pearls journey, successfully maneuvering through post-pandemic challenges, and the company’s strategic expansion into Latin America.

Shedding light on 10Pearls’ vision and commitment to creating a positive global impact, Imran remarked, “From the beginning, we have been a ‘double bottom line’ company, created to provide superior services and make a difference in the world… We work hand in hand with our clients to envision, design, build, and deliver truly innovative mobile and digital products.”

Emphasizing on the commitment to improve lives through job creation, he added, “The value of well-paying jobs creates a domino effect throughout a community.”

The conversation also centered around 10Pearls expansion into Latin America. Imran highlighted the strategic significance of this move to strengthen 10Pearls’ regional presence, leveraging Oiga’s expertise in cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain to drive innovation.

He also highlighted the importance of cultural alignment, stating, “When we acquire companies, we pay close attention to the company’s DNA… They also shared values with us, understanding that it is crucial to do good by doing well.”

Looking ahead, Imran outlined ambitious plans for 10Pearls in LATAM, emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion. “We firmly believe that the cornerstone of a growing organization is the diversity of its workforce,” he remarked. Initiatives like the Women In Tech event, aimed at inspiring women in the technology industry, underscore 10Pearls’ commitment to breaking gender stereotypes and fostering innovation.

As 10Pearls continues to expand its global footprint, Imran expressed openness to further acquisitions in Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica. With its commitment to excellence and social responsibility, 10Pearls is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the tech industry in Latin America.