Imran Aftab for Entrepreneur en Español: How Costa Rica is Capturing the Attention of Investors Worldwide

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Our CEO, Imran Aftab, shares his thoughts and insights on Entrepreneur en Español. In the article, Imran highlighted Costa Rica’s rise as a premier destination for tech businesses – the key drivers behind the country’s tech growth and its appeal to global investors.

Imran discussed how Costa Rica’s tech ecosystem is booming, “driven by factors such as government support, access to financing, and greater entrepreneurial spirit, particularly among millennials.”

With its skilled workforce, stable political and economic climate, and robust infrastructure, Costa Rica is shaping up as a dynamic tech hub, attracting companies and investors worldwide.

He emphasized how for firms like 10Pearls, nearshore outsourcing to Costa Rica offers strategic advantages, including aligned time zones and access to a diverse talent pool.

Here are the three key drivers of Costa Rica’s tech ecosystem:

Global Export: IT services account for a significant share of Costa Rica’s GDP, with sectors like IT consulting, cloud services, software development, and biotechnology driving growth.

Education and Support for SMEs: Costa Rica’s focus on education and entrepreneurship fosters talent and supports small businesses, contributing to a thriving network.

Policies Promoting Innovation: Government initiatives promoting innovation, coupled with supportive policies for tech firms, position Costa Rica as a favorable destination for tech investment.

In addition to Costa Rica’s commendable investment of 7.4% of its GDP into education, initiatives like the National Bank of Costa Rica’s SME support programs are propelling the country’s entrepreneurial spirit to new heights.

Imran’s comprehensive analysis underscores Costa Rica – and LATAM’s emergence as a global tech hotspot, offering abundant opportunities for local and international players alike. As the region continues to embrace innovation and entrepreneurship, it solidifies its position as a key player in the global technology and innovation landscape, heralding a future marked by sustained growth and prosperity.