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10Pearls Bringing Digital and Global Expertise to Healthtech


Healthtech is reshaping patient care worldwide, with the US and Europe driving innovation to address aging populations and behavioral health challenges. The article by 150sec, “Spotlight on 10Pearls: The global agency bringing digital and global expertise to healthtech,” shares 10Pearl’s role in revolutionizing healthcare through innovative digital solutions.

COVID-19 accelerated the demand for digital health services, revealing disparities in access to care and driving a market value surge to $36.23 billion USD. Amidst the pandemic, 10Pearls has emerged as a key digital transformation partner supporting policymakers and healthcare providers in closing healthcare gaps.

Partnering with public and private entities, we have built innovative solutions for notable clients such as Johnson & Johnson, CVS Health, and the UK National Institutes of Health. Our collaboration with Magellan Health in the US streamlined telehealth and in-person visits, enhancing access to behavioral health services and improving communication between patients and care teams.

Treating security as a first-class citizen, our team prioritizes patient privacy and data security. We leverage comprehensive knowledge of healthcare systems, operations, regulations, and stakeholders to build cyber-resilient health solutions.

As we bridge care gaps and the demand for personalized care increases, providers will require a highly resilient and secure software infrastructure. Partnering with an experienced team like 10Pearls can accelerate the development of a robust healthcare solution that adheres to stringent security standards, ensuring the protection of patient privacy.

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