HLTH 2023 Conference – Harnessing AI & Analytics as a Force for Good

At the HLTH 2023 conference, Amir Azarbad, Managing Director, 10Pearls Healthcare was joined on this panel discussion by Ainsley MacLean, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente and Eugene Sayan, Founder and CEO, Softheon.

The session discussed the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, particularly in patient care and information systems. Panelists included healthcare professionals and leaders in tech-driven health companies. The conversation highlighted the challenges and benefits of incorporating AI into healthcare systems. Topics included the ways in which AI can improve patient triage, the importance of educating physicians about AI, the potential for AI in imaging and diagnostics, and concerns around data accuracy and interoperability. However, hurdles such as resistance to change among healthcare professionals and fear of job loss were also discussed. The panel agreed on the crucial role of AI in advancing healthcare and the need for strategic and responsible implementation.

Here are the 4 key-takeaways from Amir Azarbad about the use of AI in Payers:

  1. While there is a natural tendency to gravitate towards shiny new objects with generative AI, payers operating complex systems see immediate benefits in applying AI to use cases that reduce administrative costs by automating processes.

  2. Prior authorization is a key area of friction between payers and providers. The use of AI in improved decision-making in prior authorization optimizes clinical and administrative staff time and improves the patient experience through automated authorizations.

  3. Improving member experience is the holy grail for payers in this competitive market. It is expected to see AI being integrated into member experience, from the shopping experience of health plan selection to claims matching.

  4. AI can cause operational disruption and create fear of job loss. It’s important to have thoughtful change management to communicate and bring teams along on this AI journey for change.

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