10Pearls Karachi Team Hosts Women in Tech Meet-Up

Women in STEM | 10Pearls

Last week, following up on the WomenTech hackathon earlier this year, 10Pearls hosted the second open meet-up of #WomenInTechPK. During the meeting, 10Pearls employees and other female technologists in Karachi discussed the development of women in the IT industry. Participants shared ideas about increasing opportunities for networking and mentorship and the larger challenges of education for young girls in the region.

Sana Hussain, Senior HR Manager in the Karachi office, is excited about 10Pearls ongoing participation in #WomeninTechPK:

“Events such as these are a much needed massive push to build a strong network of women in STEM. Organizations like 10Pearls can collaborate with women based groups to inspire and engage the next generation of female technologists.”