Watch Likeable CEO Carrie Kerpen Discuss the 10Pearls “Double Bottom Line” and More on Bloomberg Quicktake

We were already seeing a collective rise in society’s search for transparency, authenticity, and truthfulness from companies and their leaders before the pandemic hit. Then, last summer, we reached a tipping point. Human rights, the environment, and social justice issues brought about a permanent change in the way people think, consume, and interact with businesses. 

Likeable CEO Carrie Kerpen discusses why, as a result, companies must work towards more socially responsible business models in her Bloomberg interview. 

You can watch the video below:

The 10Pearls double bottom line mission

Carrie also mentions how a big motivator behind the 10Pearls acquisition of Likeable is our commitment to making purpose as important as profit.  

“Of course, businesses need to make money, but they also need to have a purpose—they also need to care about people. When businesses do good, clients, consumers, and partners all want to do business with them.” – Carrie Kerpen, Likeable CEO

Since its inception, 10Pearls has been a “double bottom line” company, committed to deliver superior services and make a difference in the world. 10Pearls University, 10Pearls Labs, and the Empower Foundation are all platforms created to foster continuous learning, research & development, innovation, gender diversity, training, and philosophy.  

You can learn more about corporate values and community efforts on the 10Pearls About Page.

Corporate social responsibility is not a trend; it’s a transformation

Businesses can’t simply seem committed to making our workplaces and communities a better place for all. We need real social and organizational change. Many companies are already making an effort to serve the greater good. In fact, 63% of business leaders strongly agree that their own company “has a purpose beyond making money,” and that this purpose is critical to business performance (Source: PwC).

When done well, many are finding that doing good can also add to the bottom line.

We can do more together. Digital transformation can not only help companies create better customer experiences but also carve a path towards more meaningful and impactful work.

A culture of social responsibility is ingrained in 10Pearls. Balancing people, profits, and social progress is not only how we’ve built our business, but how we help our customers grow. Contact us if you’re interested in growing both your financial bottom line *and* your impact on the world.