If Digital Transformation Starts with the Customer, Then Social Media is Key

“Technology provides us with the data. Social media provides us with unique insights. Together, they are unstoppable.”  

Social media and digital transformation are the new dynamic duo, and according to 10Pearls CEO, Imran Aftab, we will experience their impact everywhere. 

In a recent Forbes article titled, Want To Digitally Transform Your Business? Start With Social Media, author John Hall covers a topic worthy of conversation given where we are today. He interviewed Imran and Likeable CEO Carrie Kerpen to gain valuable insights. 

Social Media + Digital Transformation: A Dynamic Duo

With the rise of digital transformation came the rise of the empowered consumer, giving a voice to concerns around corporate social responsibility, transparency, personalization, and immediacy. And while social media has always been an important channel for these conversations, 2020 magnified customer feedback on the brands they care about and do business with…or don’t.  

From sharing personal stories with friends to posting reviews to filling out surveys, customers are signaling satisfaction or friction.  

Brands would do well to listen and listen closely. 

Carrie, who recently joined the 10Pearls family, shared her advice on ramping up social listening efforts in the Forbes article mentioned above. Some tips may surprise you! 

Let’s Keep The Conversation Going

We’re living an exciting moment in the history of tech where customer experience is dictating our trajectory.  

However, a quick Google search reveals something important: businesses are still underestimating social media’s economic, cultural, and transformative value. 

There’s not enough conversation around the power of social media in digital transformation—especially given its ability to inform new digital growth strategies, increase credibility in all audiences, and elevate the customer experience.  

We want to help change that.  

Stay tuned for more insights and tips on how to leverage social media to transform your business.