10Pearls University Launches An E-Learning Platform, ‘10PearlsUniversity.Org’

10Pearls University has launched 10PearlsUniversity.org, a self-service, e-learning portal to facilitate advance learning for students and professionals. It aims to help individuals stay abreast with the rapidly-evolving tech industry, and empower them with skills, tools and knowledge to excel in their careers. This is done through various courses, workshops, trainings and webinars.

The portal offers a wide range of learning and development material, and plans to roll out 100+ trainings and courses, and 60+ webinars in the first phase. The sessions are divided into two categories – technology and management/soft skills. Technology-related courses and webinars cover topics ranging from AI, Databases, Programming Languages, Testing to Cloud Computing, Computer Vision etc. Management sessions cover topics such as Leadership skills, Agile mindset, Time Management, Self-Motivation, Conflict Resolution etc.

According to Zeeshan Aftab, Co-Founder and MD, 10Pearls, “10Pearls has always been a trailblazer in advanced and continuous learning. This self-service portal addresses the evolving needs of students and professionals in today’s world, and will upskill and empower our tech resources, and bring them at par with the global tech landscape.”

The portal offers free trainings, webinars as well as online courses which can be either instructor-led or self-paced sessions. All sessions follow an iterative learning path, giving the user an end-to-end view of a specific area and ensuring that they build a comprehensive skillset. The technical courses are targeted towards software developers, administrators, QA and testers, architects and project managers, whereas the management stream is ideal for all professionals, across any industry. All sessions are conducted by skilled and experienced trainers, passionate about imparting knowledge.

10Pearls University Academia and Corporate: Apart from individual professionals, 10PearlsUniversity.Org also offers collective learning opportunities through its 10PU Academia and Corporate streams. Universities and companies can get in touch to avail off-the-shelf or customized sessions for their students or employees to help them stay ahead of the curve.   

Events and networking: As an extension of 10Pearls University, a section of the portal is dedicated to keep users updated with all on-ground, hybrid and online events and networking opportunities offered by 10Pearls University. It will be possible to register online for different events/webinars/trainings through this section. 

The portal is currently at its beta stage, and will iteratively roll out its different courses, modules and features.