10Pearls Participates as a Diamond Sponsor at PROCOM 2018

PROCOM sponsorship10Pearls is proud to have participated in PROCOM, a massive competition and conference that brings more than 2,000 students from leading academic institutions to showcase their talent and test their technological mettle. Held annually at FAST National University, one of the leading institutions in the field of Engineering and Technology, the event had over 36 competitions in areas of Computer Science, Engineering, and Gaming amongst other tracks. 10Pearls was the title sponsor for the Data Science Competition.

In addition to sponsoring the event, the 10Pearls team also spoke to countless talented technologists, conducted Oculus Rift demos, organized a hiring event with more than 200 recent and upcoming graduates, and hosted a number of spot interviews.

10Pearls is dedicated to promoting cutting edge technology within academic circles and has a history of sponsoring and hosting competitive events that bring out the bests in engineers and developers.