How 10Pearls is Helping our Clients Transform Healthcare Delivery

It’s not big news that mobile technology is revolutionizing our healthcare system. Healthcare organizations, from small private practices to global research facilities, are harnessing digital solutions to improve quality of care and enable better patient outcomes.

But as artificial intelligence and mobile technology become more integrated into healthcare, we also face new challenges. How do we keep patient data secure? How can we build mobile tools that are intuitive for a diverse array of users (i.e., physicians, researchers, seniors, caregivers, the disabled)?

10Pearls is focused on creating intelligent experiences for our healthcare clients and the people they serve — combining our expertise in cognitive design, web and mobile development, and security, we create applications that transform healthcare delivery.

I recently presented the following flash briefing at the Capital Health Tech Summit. In this short video I share details about some of 10Pearls’ recent work in the healthcare industry.