10Pearls celebrates Month of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is arguably the most significant and emerging area in the world of technology. It is widely used in complex digital systems to enhance human capacity and is causing digital disruption in many industries. According to a report by Gartner, almost 85% of customer interactions are predicted to be done without a human by 2020!

Artificial Intelligence is effectively being used to solve different types of problems and bridging certain gaps around the world. 10Pearls is working with a number of businesses, assisting them in utilizing AI/Machine Learning (ML) to find answers to pressing challenges. An example would be a health tech startup client using AI/Deep Learning to detect early signs of cancer.

To disseminate knowledge and demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence can be implemented in our daily life, 10Pearls declared March 2019 to be the month of Al. During this month, more than 100 enthusiasts, making up over 40 teams participated in an exciting tech battle. They were required to use Artificial Intelligence to solve real-life problems in diversified fields. Some of the issues addressed include:

  • An AI enabled recruitment process to select the right candidate for the available position
  • A food recommendation platform which recommends the food on the basis of the user’s mood and taste
  • Traffic signboard detection, suggestion and traffic monitoring using videos.
  • A smart crossword puzzle solver to get instant results from images
  • A system to monitor the crops and provide suggestions on environmental conditions

The teams were trained in AI and ML libraries related to their ideas. Datasets were collected for seamless execution, and the completed projects were presented to a panel of judges who rated them based on the criteria of Ideas, scalability, execution and team performance.

“We had a great month where we actually implemented ML and AI to solve real life problems. It’s great to have such activities at 10Pearls as it allows us to keep abreast as well as learn new technologies that is causing disruptions in the market. said Ali, winner of the competition.

The Month of AI played an integral role in bringing together innovating, fresh and talented minds to yield a technological breakthrough. We are proud to be pioneers in not only helping our customers leverage AI and ML to outpace their competition but also using AI and ML to play a role in making better decisions for society.