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As 10Pearls expands its presence in Latin America, we are deeply committed to fostering diversity within the tech industry. The article ‘The “Women in Tech” event by 10Pearls arrives in Latin America to empower more women in technology’ by Social Geek highlights our ongoing commitment to empowering women in technology. Through this initiative, we aim to uplift women by offering them a platform to break stereotypes, forge strong connections, and accelerate their careers in the tech industry.

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(The article, written in Spanish, has been translated below)

10Pearls, the global company that serves as a provider of IT services and transformative digital experiences to enhance the competitiveness of businesses, announced that it will bring its “Women in Tech” event to Latin America.

The event will take place in Costa Rica on February 10, 2024, and will serve as a springboard to expand the initiative throughout Latin America, removing barriers for women aspiring to work in technology.

“Women in Tech” is an initiative of 10Pearls University, which already has a track record of 7 years supporting the technology industry in emerging markets, inspiring women to break gender stereotypes, lead innovation, establish networks, and forge new professional opportunities.

The arrival of this event in the region is not coincidental. It is thanks to the mission of the organization 10Pearls to advance its expansion in Latin America, which since 2021 has been expanding its presence and now has operations in Costa Rica, Peru, and Colombia, where it has complete teams to provide pioneering AI and cutting-edge technologies through nearshoring services for partners and clients. The company was founded in 2004 by brothers Imran and Zeeshan Aftab and is now a global business with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Pakistan.

“The launch of Women in Tech in Costa Rica marks an exciting milestone,” said Imran Aftab, CEO of 10Pearls. “Latin America is a talent hub and at 10Pearls, we are eager to do our part to ensure that more women in the region can pave professional paths in the technology industry. We are looking forward to connecting with Costa Rica’s vibrant community and, in the future, with all of Latin America as we expand the reach of this initiative.”

The World Bank estimates that only between 5 and 15% of women in Latin America have intermediate or advanced computer skills. Despite various advances, closing the gap still requires a joint effort from different stakeholders.

“Women in Tech” arrives to demonstrate the potential of such initiatives to positively influence the fight against this trend and may encourage many more women to unlock opportunities in technology sectors. The event will feature participation from prominent speakers, experts in the STEM field, both Costa Rican and foreign, who will share an inspirational and empowering conversational space exclusively for attendees.

The event is designed for women in technology at all stages of their careers, from students to experienced professionals, to enable learning across generations and unlock diverse perspectives.

10Pearls is committed to providing women in STEM with opportunities for growth and advancement. Drawing inspiration from our successful initiative Women Tech Quest, the launch of “Women in Tech” initiative in Costa Rica seeks to empower women in the tech sector with a dedicated platform to drive change and innovation.