The healthcare industry is in a state of constant change, and healthcare organizations are racing to keep up. As the new realities of patient experience, remote care, digital health, and personalized health shape the way healthcare and life sciences organizations operate, they must harness emerging technologies to improve patient outcomes and drive internal efficiencies. 
10Pearls designs and develops digital technology solutions that help businesses improve overall patient experience. We utilize Mobile, Cloud and Data together with emerging tech, such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, ChatBots and Voice interfaces, to create HIPAA-compliant solutions that deliver results for our clients and the people they serve.

A Few of Our Healthcare Clients

Success Stories

Industry: Healthcare

Industry: Healthcare implemented new DevOps methods to expedite product delivery and increase customer satisfaction overview The client offers the only...
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MedStar Health

developed a HIPAA-compliant mobile app to create and share a living will and register as an organ donor overview MedStar...
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Developed a community experience for caregivers to exchange ideas and provide better care for their loved ones overview AARP, which...
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[10Pearls’] work culture and professional ethics represents some of the best in the industry. We appreciate how collaborative and accommodating [they] have been while working at a very fast pace, and pivoting when necessary.



Our Expertise


From embedded devices to mobile apps, we help our customers create innovative solutions that keep up with the changing nature of healthcare delivery.



Our products and services ensure that our clients stay compliant in the new area of digital and virtual healthcare



With increasing patients demand for easy access to electronic health records, our solutions enable the seamless, secure flow of data across back-office and customer-facing systems.



We help healthcare and life science organizations protect the digital health data of their customers.


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