Forrester Recognizes 10Pearls among Top Insights Service Providers

10Pearls is pleased to be featured in Forrester’s recent report: Now Tech: Insights Service Providers, Q1 2020. Listed in the exclusive group of Insights Service Providers, 10Pearls is featured for enabling the data-to-insights-to-execution process, driving effective change to ensure successful implementation, and accelerate time-to-value for insights.

The report advises company leaders on what to expect from an insights service provider and how to select the right vendors. It recognizes the gap between business leaders’ desire to use data insights to know their customers better, and their ability to timely leverage these insights. The report recommends selecting a vendor that is experienced in the industry, has the right market presence and is on the cutting edge of new techniques and tools – which is also the core focus of 10Pearls’research and development arm, 10Pearls Labs. 

The Forrester report highlights 10Pearls as a technology service provider that recognizes their clients’ need not just for the technologies or tools but also for the insights themselves.

“Data is the new oil. Businesses that don’t mine and monetize that oil will be outcompeted into extinction. At 10Pearls, we focus on helping businesses harness data for actionable insights and intelligence through a rapid, agile process,” said 10Pearls’ CEO Imran Aftab.

Apart from 10Pearls, the report includes notable names such as Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, McKinsey & Company, PwC and SAP.

Prior to this, 10Pearls has been cited in a number of other Forrester reports, including most recently in Now Tech: AI Consultancies, Q4 2018 and Now Tech: Service Providers For Custom Software Development, Q1 2018. 10Pearls was also included as one of the “biggest and most important digital experience service providers” in Forrester’s Vendor Landscape: Digital Experience Service Providers, 2017 report.

10Pearls emphasizes on creating human-centered designs and concentrates on creating intelligent digital experiences. Learn more about our services here.  

The complete press release about 10Pearls’ coverage in the report can be viewed here.