Forbes: To Create A Digital Masterpiece, Iterate Like Leonardo And Scale Like Michelangelo

Forbes creating a digital masterpiece

Our CEO, Imran Aftab, has contributed an article in Forbes discussing how business leaders can overcome the challenges that plague them as they develop new products and technologies. Imran pulls from two of the greatest thinkers of all times, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, to illustrate the tactics that will help guide the digital development process, and ultimately lead to increased acceleration-to-market and revenue. He touches on how these two artists found success by:

  • Agility: Da Vinci iterated constantly, always adding new layers to his artwork as he made discoveries and found fresh inspiration.
  • Scaling: Michelangelo implemented an artist/artisan approach to speed up his output, and increase productivity.

Imran analyzes how both of these strategies can be applied to the development process, as business leaders strive to create their digital masterpieces.


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