Forbes Central America listed 10Pearls as One of the Top Technology Companies to Watch in Latin America

Latin America’s tech landscape is experiencing a dynamic transformation, emerging as a hotspot for businesses seeking new opportunities. Within this vibrant ecosystem, there are numerous successful ventures showcasing remarkable business development and technological innovation. In a recent Forbes article titled “These are five technology companies to keep an eye on in Latin America in 2024”, 10Pearls was prominently featured among the region’s emerging leaders, highlighting its innovative ideas and technological advancements.

With over 150 million startups from around the world, Latin America has become a focus for foreign investment, witnessing the rise of numerous tech-centered businesses. This growth is fueled by an abundant talent pool and increasing tech infrastructure development, creating a conducive atmosphere for business expansion.

10Pearls stands out as a key player in this landscape, driven by a commitment to excellence and delivering transformative solutions. With a global presence spanning the US, Costa Rica, Colombia, the UK, Pakistan, and Peru, the company serves a diverse clientele, including Global 2000 companies, SMEs, and startups in diverse sectors such as healthcare, education, real estate, energy, communications, financial services, and advanced tech. 10Pearls is also championing diversity in Latin America’s tech industry through initiatives like Women In Tech, an event dedicated to empowering women in STEM fields by providing opportunities to network and learn from leading women in tech and science.

As Latin America’s tech sector continues to thrive, companies like 10Pearls have positioned themselves to drive innovation, economic development, and industry transformation. By leveraging emerging technologies, nurturing talent, and fostering partnerships, they pave the way for a brighter future, ensuring continued growth and prosperity in the region’s evolving business landscape.