Ensure swift and secure
software delivery


Ensure swift and secure software delivery

Baked-in security to
ensure faster,
secure software delivery

Baked-in security to
ensure faster,
secure software delivery

DevSecOps is a development mindset that integrates application and infrastructure security from the get-go, into Agile and DevOps processes and tools. It connects three different disciplines: development, security, and operations. This enables addressing security issues as they emerge, making them easier, faster and cost-effective to fix. The DevSecOps team at 10Pearls helps you shift security left, without slowing down your development teams.

Rapid & cost-effective deliver

No duplicative reviews and rebuilds, resulting in faster code

Improved, proactive security

Better collaboration between teams results in prompt response to errors and bugs

Vulnerability patching

Quick and efficient management of newly identified security vulnerabilities

Compatible automation

CI/CD pipeline ensures automation of security is compatible with modern development 

DevSecOps Services We Offer

Static application security testing (SAST)

Our DevSecOps team employs SAST tools to scan proprietary or custom code for coding errors and design flaws that could lead to exploitable weaknesses. These tools are primarily used during the code, build, and development phases of the SDLC.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Our team uses various SCA tools to scan source code and binaries to identify known vulnerabilities in open-source and third-party components. They are also used to gain insight into security and license risks to accelerate prioritization and remediation efforts.

Interactive application security testing (IAST)

IAST works in the background during manual or automated functional tests to analyze web application runtime behavior. Our team utilizes IAST tools to detect runtime vulnerabilities and automatically replay and tests the findings, providing detailed insights to developers down to the line of code where they occur. This enables developers to focus their time and effort on critical vulnerabilities.

Dynamic application security testing (DAST)

DAST is an automated opaque box testing technology that mimics how a hacker would interact with your web application or API. We employ DAST to test applications over a network connection and by examining the client-side rendering of the application.

Application Security Orchestration and Correlation

Optimizing testing tools and deriving meaningful insights from data is essential to leverage various DevSecOps tools and technologies. Our team uses application security orchestration and correlation (ASOC) solutions to combine the capabilities of application security testing orchestration (ASTO) and application vulnerability correlation (AVC) tools. Using this approach, our security and development resources can best orchestrate testing intelligently, consolidate data from all AST tools, deduplicate any redundant results, and contextualize software risk to prioritize critical findings.


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