Forrester Recognizes 10Pearls Among Top Commerce Service Providers

10Pearls is pleased to be included in Forrester’s recent report, Now Tech: Commerce Services, Q4 2020Listed in the exclusive group of Commerce Service Providers, 10Pearls is featured for its experience and capabilities in guiding commerce-focused industries through digital transformation. 

The report advises eBusiness and channel strategy professionals on the points to consider when determining a shortlist of Commerce Service providers. It recognizes the need for all businesses with a customer or transaction model to address the increasing demand for a personalized experience across an ever-expanding list of digital touchpoints. The report, which collected information from dozens of providersrecommends selecting a commerce partner experienced in the industry, has the right market presenceand is on the cutting edge of new techniques and tools. Those techniques and tools are a core differentiator and focus area for 10Pearls via our research and development arm, the 10Pearls Labs. 

The Forrester report highlights 10Pearls as a technology service provider who excels at operations and has ample experience to create high-tech product solutions in the Healthcare, Education, and Energy/Utilities verticals, to name a few.

“The future of digital commerce is both challenging and exciting as the list of demands on service providers continues to grow. 10Pearls is an important co-innovation partner for companies that understand the need to innovate and tap into digital ecosystems,” said 10Pearls CEO Imran Aftab. 

Apart from 10Pearls, the report includes notable names such as Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, McKinsey & Company, and PwC. 

In 2020 alone, 10Pearls has been cited in a variety of Forrester research, including: 

10Pearls emphasizes creating human-centered designs and provides the software, data, and strategy needed to deliver great omnichannel commerce experiences

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