Brand Loyalty Now Relies on Mobile Experience – Here’s Why

Effective mobile integration is no longer a bonus feature. It’s a necessity. 

Ten years ago, launching a mobile app to accompany your brand was like ticking a “preferred” skill on a job application. The novelty factor alone offered a bit of an edge over the competition – no matter how clunky your product. Even YouTube’s infamous original iOS app helped to drive more traffic to its mobile site.

Today, companies are competing in an entirely different playing field. To stand out in a sprawling sea of apps and pages, an outstanding mobile UX is the number one requirement to keep your brand ahead of the wave. 

Google’s New Indexing System Caters to Mobile-First UX Design

By July 2019, Google will be switching to a mobile-first indexing system that prioritizes mobile versions of pages. The new algorithm will index and rank sites based on relevance to searches from mobile devices. 

Considering that 2018 saw 58% of website visits in the U.S. come from mobile devices, users are most likely accessing your site from their phones. As the market shifts in focus towards a mobile-first perspective, any mobile app without an intuitive UX and fully functional design will be at a disadvantage.

A negative experience on mobile can send potential customers running. Ensuring your mobile product accurately reflects your brand is key to providing your audience with the same level of quality they’ve come to expect.

Trends Continue to Show Preference for Mobile User Experience

Web functionality isn’t the only criteria that matters. Research shows that users spend over 90% of their time on mobile devices using apps. Apps with an engaging UX and easy-to-use design will maximize the value of a mobile platform for your brand.

Though it might seem like an appealing idea, it’s crucial to avoid falling into the trap of simply translating a desktop site into a mobile one page by page. Differentiate your product by leveraging features unique to mobile devices, such as:

  • Camera
  • Location services
  • Push notifications

Providing a high-quality customer experience across every type of hardware device is a compelling reason for users to choose your app over your competitor’s.

Remember, this process doesn’t end after the initial download. Continuous mobile optimization will keep your customers coming back and maintain the daily and monthly active user metrics you need for maximum visibility.

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