Conversational Virtual Agents

Enhance user experiences with real-time virtual assistant, equipped with multilingual support, live sentiment analysis, human-like interactions, and 24/7 user support.

Our reliable GenAI framework combines Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) in the form of a virtual agent, offering on-demand learning resources and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support. This framework has diverse and valuable applications in healthcare, finance, education, and government services.

Inference Engine

Analyze user inputs and leverage knowledge-base data to deduce new information, facilitate decision-making, and generate responses that determine the best course of action.

Multilingual Support

Real-time language detection enables multilingual engagement, automatically translating inputs and responses to support diverse customer bases. 

Retrieval System

Interpret natural language queries and generate relevant responses by leveraging advanced language models to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of information retrieval from knowledge bases.  

Generative Multimodal

Leveraging specific AI models such as speech processing models, natural language processing models, large language models, and embedding models to improve contextual understanding and expression. 

Embedding Generation

Converting text into numerical embeddings to capture semantic meaning and facilitates understanding of context and similarity between words and phrases.   

Data Ingestion

An ongoing process that captures industry guidelines and user feedback to update its knowledge base, improving performance and ensuring relevant and effective support.   

Conversational Agent Framework

Use Case Overview

Developed an AI-powered virtual agent for a prominent non-profit organization dedicated to supporting caregivers. The conversational virtual agent enhanced platform accessibility and functions for caregivers by integrating multilingual support, sentiment analysis, and advanced knowledge management. The tool supports individuals working long hours, managing complex chronic conditions, and facing language barriers. It ensures comprehensive caregiver support and the future of digital healthcare that drives inclusivity, efficiency, and patient-centeredness. 

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