10 Reasons Why Pakistan is a Great Location for Tech Outsourcing

When we think of software and technology offshore outsourcing, the first locations that come to mind are India, China, Russia, Philippines, Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia. Recognized for their skilled talent pools, these countries have long been go-to options for businesses seeking outsourcing solutions. However, as demand surges, these markets have become increasingly crowded, diminishing the value businesses can realize.

This problem is more pronounced for businesses operating with more constrained budgets. To stay within their spending plan, these enterprises partner with lower-tier offshore companies that do not offer the same quality of work as the more established vendors.

As a result of these challenges, alternative offshore locations have emerged and created impressive success stories for their customers. One example is Pakistan.

When we speak with prospects and clients about 10Pearls, they often ask us about our locations in Pakistan. Mostly because they are curious, sometimes because they are unable to fathom how 10Pearls has been able to successfully leverage Pakistan as an offshore development destination."

Imran Aftab, Co-Founder and CEO of 10Pearls

This is not surprising given the often inaccurate perceptions that popular media creates about Pakistan. Nevertheless, business leaders and entrepreneurs can see beyond this, recognizing that Pakistan is relatively low-risk and presents significant advantages.

When I was the Head of Global Outsourcing at AOL-Time Warner, I witnessed attrition problems, rising prices, inflexibility, and lack of overall quality improvement with outsourcing partners in the typical outsourcing locations. Despite the pain, it was acceptable because everyone else was outsourcing to those destinations. Certainly, the other companies could not be wrong."

Times are different now, and businesses have recognized that speed-to-market is paramount. Companies are no longer asking about the location of the offshore vendor but rather if the vendor can deliver on time, within budget, and with the best quality. “We have businesses who are now actively approaching us to learn about our strengths in Pakistan and how we can sustainably and continuously deliver value to customers.” stated Imran.

Here’s an overview of why Pakistan is an excellent technology and software outsourcing destination.

  1. With a population of over 240 million, Pakistan is the 5th most populated country in the world.
  2. Pakistan is the 3rd largest English-speaking country in the world.
  3. Nearly two-thirds of Pakistan’s population is below 30 years old, making it one of the youngest nations.
  4. Producing 50,000 IT graduates annually, Pakistan strongly emphasizes technology education and training among its youth.
  5. Pakistan was recently rated much higher in terms of IP laws compared to others.
  6. A strong work ethic and dedication to professionalism are highly valued in Pakistan. Because the labor pool is not saturated compared to other locations, they have relatively lower employee attrition.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, Pakistan is not on the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) control list of countries.
  8. Pakistan offers favorable business laws and tax incentives for certain services and businesses. Additionally, the currency is relatively weak and provides strong labor arbitrage opportunities. Pakistan is Asia’s best-performing stock market.
  9. Pakistan has major global brands and successful companies that have been operating for many years. Several technology outsourcing vendors work with global brands, such as 10Pearls, Systems Limited, Folio3, NetSol, TRG Pakistan, Ovex Tech, LMKR, and many others.
  10. Pakistan’s start-up scene is thriving. In 2023, Pakistani IT firms won 8 awards at Asia-Pacific Information & Communication Technology Alliance (APICTA). There are several start-up incubators funded by private individuals and multinational enterprises, such as Google, which are creating a vibrant and innovative ecosystem.

With the pace of technological advancements, businesses are challenged to optimize efficiency and undergo transformative innovations. The lack of flexibility and sustainability with traditional outsourcing vendors is compelling businesses to partner with more agile, nimble, and strategic offshore outsourcing companies..

Pakistan is emerging as a promising destination for technology outsourcing, meeting the diverse demands of businesses seeking value-driven solutions delivered quickly, efficiently, and with high quality. Learn more about our agile team’s solution.

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