From hauling freight to enabling business travel, our transportation infrastructure forms the backbone of our society. The logistics associated with fleet management—including routing, maintenance, and financing—can be greatly improved through the application of digital solutions.
10Pearls helps our clients in the transportation industry leverage the power of digital technology to become more efficient and customer-driven. We create innovative solutions to transportation concerns, such as using machine learning and artificial intelligence to suggest maintenance windows or optimal routes.

A Few of our Transportation Clients

Success Stories


an end to end business transformation overview Decisiv developed a SRM platform that has revolutionized service event management for commercial...
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D.C. Taxi

Bringing the taxi industry into the digital age through mobile ride scheduling and fostering competition with ride sharing apps overview...
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10Pearls helped us revolutionize the customer experience of our SRM platform, which helped Decisiv be named one of Insights Success magazine’s most innovative companies.



Our Expertise


From connected devices to mobile apps, we help our transportation customers create innovative solutions that allow them to run more efficiently.

Location-Based Services

We develop software and applications that leverage location-based technologies to enable tracking of fleets and shipments.


Our transportation industry clients require integration with systems from partners, suppliers, and financial clearing houses. Our solutions enable information to flow seamlessly and securely to both modern and legacy systems. 


Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can work on large sets of unstructured data, allowing applications to find efficiencies that humans cannot.


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