Our Commitment To Support Racial Equality and Justice

The events of the past few weeks have been heart breaking, and important issues have been surfaced that we all need to consider.

The struggles of great men and women who have fought for racial justice and equality are often forgotten or taken for granted. Take a moment and think about the courage of these global civil rights leaders: Martin Luther King, Jr., El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X), Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, Chinua Achebe, Desmond Tutu, Dr. Cornell West, Alex Hailey, Erica Garner and others.

Recent events highlight the sobering reality that violence and discrimination will continue to plague our great nation if we don’t act to create change. It’s clear there is much work to be done, and we all share responsibility to build on the progress of past civil rights leaders. We cannot benefit from the opportunities this nation offers and yet fail to participate in helping right the wrongs we see. Our commitment to justice, equal opportunity, and the elimination of bigotry has to be met with action.

I am a first-hand beneficiary of the American Civil Rights Movement.

As a Pakistani-American immigrant, stepping into America in 1991, I am a first-hand beneficiary of the American Civil Rights Movement. If not for the generosity of strangers, I would never have been able to accomplish what I have as an American citizen.

I am personally committed to paying it forward with my company, friends, partners and community.

At 10Pearls, our mission has always been to change the world for the better. To that end, we have been able to empower many communities and increase their quality of life. Yet, we must do more together, so we stand by all our brothers and sisters who are protesting racial injustice.

Organizational Action:

  1. We are reaffirming our commitment to build a diverse and inclusive work place. This commitment has been a part of our fabric since day one.
  2. In addition to the Empower Foundation, we will support and donate to organizations that are engaged in the fight for racial equality and we will match employee donations as well.

I would like to end by reminding everyone at 10Pearls of a powerful message by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. which we shared with our communities earlier last week:

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence by the good people.”

May we not be silent.


Imran Aftab
CEO & Co-founder