10Pearls Acquires ProQual-IT, a Cybersecurity Firm

We have exciting news to share: 10Pearls has acquired ProQual-IT, an information technology services provider that specializes in biometrics and identity management. ProQual-IT’s founder and CEO, James (Jim) Annulis, will be joining our management team, and all ProQual-IT employees will become 10Pearls team members. We’re thrilled to have them all aboard.

We know that identity management and biometrics will continue to be essential components of world-class digital experiences. As an end-to-end digital technology services partner working on our clients’ mission-critical initiatives, we consider it our responsibility to stay ahead of our clients’ needs and continue to add value for them. This allows our clients to truly lean on us, so they can focus on business acceleration.

As more and more companies invest in engaging with their customers digitally, they need better ways of confirming the identity of the customer on the other side of the screen. Simultaneously, today’s savvy consumers expect the businesses they patronize to offer convenient, enjoyable experiences. Identity management and biometrics let security and customer experience exist in harmony. New mechanisms for authenticating identity provide more natural, less intrusive experiences for customers without compromising security.

The recent Equifax data breach will make already skeptical consumers even more worried about the safety of their personal information. Even the largest, most mature businesses are vulnerable. If businesses want to engage their customers online, they need to establish trust. Behind every digital product, there must be a strategy to address information security.

This acquisition, combined with our existing expertise in security, customer experience, software and mobile development further strengthens 10Pearls’ comprehensive suite of digital services.

If security concerns are holding you back from accelerating your company’s growth through digital, we can help. Contact us today.

You can read the full press release here.