10Pearls Launches New Chapter of ‘Women in Tech’ in Costa Rica 


At 10Pearls, our mission transcends technology innovation; it’s about cultivating talent and championing inclusivity. This February, we are thrilled to launch ‘Women in Tech’ event, our latest chapter in our commitment to diversity and empowerment, set to take place on February 10, 2024, in Costa Rica.

Our journey in Latin America has been marked by significant expansions in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Peru since 2021. This strategic move has enabled us to offer our enterprise clients access to a broader specialized talent pool with cost and time zone advantages. Our operations in the region provide expertise on advanced technologies, including AI/ML, signifying our dedication to cutting-edge digital transformation.

The initiation of the ‘Women in Tech’ event in Costa Rica is a testament to our belief in the importance of workforce diversity. The tech industry, both regionally and globally, has long been characterized by a gender gap that we are determined to bridge. Our efforts are motivated by the vision of a more inclusive sector, where women have equal opportunities to thrive and lead.

For over seven years, 10Pearls University has led the charge in empowering women in emerging markets, fostering their participation in technology through various initiatives. This event marks a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to create a more inclusive tech sector across Latin America, where women are given equal opportunities to excel and lead.

“At 10Pearls, we’re committed to ensuring more women in the region can unlock career pathways in the tech industry. We’re very proud to be introducing our Women in Tech event in Costa Rica, and, in the future, across LATAM as we expand the reach of this initiative.”

Imran Aftab, CEO, 10Pearls

The event designed for women at all stages of tech careers, seeks to include everyone from students to seasoned professionals to allow for learning between generations and unlock diverse perspectives. This first of many events will consist of a series of talks by industry experts and professionals, with plans to incorporate a competition across the categories of coding, testing, and UX/UI design.

The World Bank estimates that only 5-15% of women in Latin America have medium or strong computer-solving skills. Events like ‘Women in Tech’ have the power to positively impact this trend and can encourage many more to explore and seize opportunities in tech.