We’re not simply
in the business of
providing FTEs.

Our global presence creates the economies of scale to hire and retain a team of world-class engineers, developers, and designers – curated over many years and cultivated through ongoing investment via 10Pearls University and 10Pearls Labs. Professional development programs like these, as well as a healthy company culture, have helped us achieve one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry, so you can rely on consistent, stable development resources. With more than 400 employees worldwide, we have the experts you need to reduce time-to-market and accelerate growth. When you work with 10Pearls, you reap the rewards of a high-performing development and technical team to accelerate delivery efficiently.
Close Skills Gaps

We stay ahead of emerging technologies to deliver the expertise you need.

Reduce Costs

You’ll have access to our deep knowledge base without expensive overhead.

Accelerate Deployment

Our agile approach eliminates your backlog and reduces time to market.

Through 10Pearls University and 10Pearls labs, our developers stay ahead of emerging technologies. Our large team offers expertise in both established and new development platforms, including:

Platforms & Frameworks

  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  • Angular, React, Meteor
  • Microsoft.NET, Xamarin, SharePoint
  • J2EE, RoR, Laravel
  • Xcode, Android Studio
  • Sales Force, Adobe AEM, MS Dynamics

Programming Languages

  • Node.js, JavaScript, Python
  • GoLang, Swift, React Native
  • .Net, C#, Java, R
  • Objective-C, PHP

Databases & Reporting

  • MongoDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB
  • Hadoop, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • MS SQL Server, Oracle
  • Pentaho, Jasper, Cognos
  • D3.js, Redshift

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